CNP Pro-Peptide with FREE CNP Creatine E2 240 Caps

When I first started training it was CNP which I used religiously. This brand was recommended to me by Kris Gethin and after using it for a few months I could see why. The quality of the products really did show!

This month has an amazing deal for you! For just £48.80 you get a 2.2KG tub of CNP Pro-Peptide with a FREE tub of CNP Creatine E2 240 caps. This offers you a whopping 56% saving off the retail price!!!

CNP Pro-Peptide is regarded as one of the very best multi-blend proteins on the market today. With a comprehensive mix of fast and slow digesting proteins Pro-Peptide offers you a sustainable source of muscle building nutrients for at least 3 hours!

Creatine E2 is a top quality source of creatine which can help maximise muscle power, muscle volumisation and muscle recovery. This can potentially lead to increased strength in the gym, faster recovery between sets and more reps!

This is trully an awesome deal, to get it simply follow the link below!


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