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Recently market leading supplement brand PhD ran a cover model competition. These kinds of competitions are always so popular, simply because they afford the opportunity to every day ‘Joes’ to showcase their hard work! With £1,000s worth of FREE PhD supplements on offer, the opportunity to have your pictures in several magazines and your name on PhD adverts, it doesn’t take a genius to work out there would be many gunning for this spot. However, there was one guy who surpassed the rest of the field and his name is Bobby Parker. For anyone out there aspiring to become a fitness model, improve your physique or just look for inspiration Bobby is the man! FitMag caught up with Bobby to find out how he won the competition, what motivated him and to see if there are any tips he could share with us.

Bobby can you give us some background on yourself?

Well, I’m 20 years old and I live in sunny Bournemouth, originally from Leeds though! I work part-time in a hospital on a trauma admissions unit. It is mainly general care for patients, and general housekeeping on the ward. No frills, just a part-time job to keep an income coming in. I’m very entrepreneurial, and hopefully I will be able to bring this side of me to PhD!

I am also a sufferer of Crohn’s disease; I was diagnosed when I was 12. I tried all kinds of treatments, none worked. I even tried a liquid only diet, for 6 weeks...twice! And managed to find myself with pancreatitis due to a side effect from the medication! At 15, I had enough. I hadn’t fully gone through puberty, or grown and was years behind. I had an operation which removed about two thirds of my intestines! It put me in remission, and I was able to catch up with being a teenager.

Inspiring! How did you first get into training?

I first lifted a weight probably when I was around 13 or 14. Due to the Crohn’s I was very small and underweight for my age, so I always wanted to be bigger! Obviously at that age I wasn’t training seriously and it was just a case of doing some dumbbell curls! When I was 16 I tried to take it a bit more serious, and began reading various articles and forums online. I was still rather clueless, but I was progressing. I was fortunate enough that my dad had the basics of a gym. He called it the dungeon! My granddad was also an amateur bodybuilder, but unfortunately I got in to fitness and bodybuilding after he passed away.

What were your initial goals when you started?

My initial goals were just to get bigger! I was around 7 stone at 15 years old, everybody else was having growth spurts and I was still small! So I did what I could to make my self bigger.

What have you learnt about training as you have progressed?

So much! Wow. A good approach is not to take everything you read, see or hear as gospel. Take it with a pinch of salt. There’s so much information out there, but only you know what works for you.

I would also suggest anyone to keep a log book, and some kind of structure to their workout. I talk to some people in the gym and ask them what they’re training and their response is “I’m not sure, may do some chest see what I feel like”. Keeping a log book has many benefits! For one, I can walk in to the gym and know exactly what exercise I’m going to do, what I lifted last week and what I’m going to aim for this week. It’s all about progression, whether it’s an extra 2.5kg or an extra rep as long as you’re pushing yourself a little further than the last session.

Bang on mate! More people need to have this approach if they want to see results! How has Crohn’s disease affected you with your training?

At first, Crohn’s controlled me. I was always very fatigued, my body wouldn’t digest the nutrients and my immune system wasn’t very good. But this was back when I didn’t have any diet plan and I wasn’t very knowledgeable!

Right now, I’m on top of Crohn’s! It is an incurable disease, but I haven’t had any symptoms at all since I’ve had a solid diet. It’d be interesting to see some more research in how a high protein diet is able to help Crohn’s as I have come across an article which suggested that it may help.

Bobby Parker - Ripped and ready in 12 weeks thanks to dedication, commitment, nutrition, training and PhD Products!

It certainly seems to be doing the trick for you mate! Since you started training how has your diet changed?

Chocolate coated cereal for breakfast, fish and chips and a bag of sweets for lunch, evening meal and snacking all the way until bed time with regular midnight snacks! I’m not surprised I didn’t see any progress!

Now, I eat 4 – 5 small meals and 2 – 3 PhD shakes when necessary such as upon waking, post workout and before bed!

Some guys would say that is a ‘’good’’ diet you had going there mate!!! What have you learnt about nutrition?

It doesn’t matter what you do in the gym if you don’t eat correctly! You don’t grow muscle inside the gym, but outside it!

Nutrition is the hardest bit, don’t get me wrong. I say hard, but can also be boring and repetitive. I have always loved going to the gym, but that’s one hour a day a few times a week. It’s the other 23 hours in the day which counts just as much as that one hour in the gym, in fact – probably count more!

Too true! If you guys reading this take nothing else on board, PLEASE remember nutrition is absolutely everything! How important is nutrition to achieving a physique like yours?

Nutrition is something which I really did change for the competition; I still train with the same intensity as before. And if you look at my before pictures and my after pictures I can safely say that I didn’t change the way I trained, I just changed the way I ate!

Can you give us a 'day in the life of Bobby' diet mate?

6:15AM Oats + PhD Pharma Whey HT+

9:30AM Chicken Breast + wholemeal pasta + Broccoli

12:45PM Turkey steak + sweet potato + broccoli

4:00PM Half a cup of oats + PhD SynergyIso-7 (Pre-workout meal)

5:00PM PhD V-Max Pump + 5 PhD BCAA’s caps

Intra workout I will take Millenium Sports Technologies RPG

7:00PM PhD Recovery 2:1

8:30PM Lean mince + Asparagus and maybe some sugar free jelly

11:00PM PhD Pharma Blend 6hr

I will also have a variety of nuts throughout the day!

Nice! Good to see you used a balanced diet mate! Any secret recipes to share with us?

Ha, unfortunately I’m no whizz in the kitchen. When I look at recipes online I often see all these complicated recipes! Well, it’s what it seems like to me.

So these are very simple!

But what I do like to make are sweet potato wedges. Just slice a sweet potato in to wedges, coat in extra virgin oil place them on a tray and sprinkle some paprika on to them!

Another is to cook ordinary lean mince and when serving just mix in some BBQ sauce!

I will try this and give you my feedback!!! In regards to supplementation, I know you love PhD. What are the top 5 must have supplements for any beginners wanting a physique like yours?

PhD Pharma Whey HT+


PhD Catalyst


PhD Pharma Blend 6hr


Pharma Whey HT+ is a great product. It’s your bread and butter of supplements – Whey protein! Not only is it good to have post workout but it comes in handy if I’m in a rush and need some protein, quick! Oh, and it tastes great!

PhD BCAA’s are something which I added for the competition, and knew nothing about before. From my understanding BCAA’s increase protein synthesis, and also help preserve muscle (handy when cutting!) Boy did they work!!!

Multivitamin is something which everybody should have, they’re so cheap nowadays! It ensures you have all of those essential nutrients necessary for an active life style

EFA’s (Essential fatty acids) cannot be produced in the body, so need to be supplied through the diet. They're essential for rebuilding and producing new cells! It was a bit strange when I found out that there was such thing as 'good fats'. With all the ‘going ons’ in the media, and what you're brought up with you're led to think that all fats are bad!

PhD Pharma Blend 6hr is a very good night time protein, it will keep a gentle trickle of protein going through your body as you sleep. I found I woke up less hungry too when taking this.

Why should people choose PhD over any other brand?

PhD has a great ethos, and a general good feel about it. You’re not blasted with massive claims that their products will make you the next Mr Olympia in 2 weeks. Their products are well received by hobbyists and also professional athletes. It has to be one of the fasted growing brands at the moment! You can buy a PhD product with trust, and confidence.

How important are supplements in your experience?

It’s no mistake that supplements don’t do magic. Supplements, ‘supplement’ your diet. I use supplements as and when I need them or when I am unable to get something from my diet. If you have a good diet and training if you added some good supplementation it will definitely make your lifestyle easier and a lot more efficient! You will also make faster guys for sure.

What are your future goals in the sport?

I’m not really sure; I definitely want to compete in some of the natural physique competitions, not sure if I’ll be ready next year or not. Now that I’m apart of team PhD I will be surrounded by experienced individuals and those who will be able to give me some direction.

Back on to my entrepreneurial side, there’s the idea we discussed earlier which I am developing which I am keen to work with PhD on. But will keep that quiet for now!!!

Anything you would like to add mate?

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Adam!

I’d just like to thank PhD Nutrition for the opportunity, everybody else that competed who made it enjoyable and provided some great advice throughout! My girlfriend Emma for putting up with me and everyone on FitForum!

P.S I recommend anyone reading to check out FitForum, FitMag and also the PhD Nutrition forum!

Bobby thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, share your story with us, experiences and above all else being an inspiration. Good luck with your future goals, keep up the good work!

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