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All the small pieces come together to make one great jigsaw puzzle, it just takes time to get all those little pieces together! As a beginner you will learn about the importance of training correctly, eating correctly and of course using the right supplements. However, there can be smaller details within each topic which can make the world of difference.

Tip of the Week - Add 1 extra meal

Very recently I added an extra meal to my daily intake as a means to further drive forward my mass gaining progress! As you know it can be hard getting in all of your meals so adding an extra one may sound a bit far-fetched. However, my extra meal is in fact a replacement bar which takes approximately 3 seconds to prepare (rip off the wrapper) and around 3 minutes to eat. Having said that, I get an extra 50g of protein and and an extra 24g of carbs as well as 11g of fats. Does this help me gain more muscle? Damn right it DOES! Is it a complete headache to get the extra meal in? NOT at all!

The meal replacement bar I am refering to is of course the one and only PhD Growth Factor 50 Brownie. They taste rediculously amazing making it hard to stick to just 1 a day. Between you and me, it may not be long before I add another meal to my daily intake and you can guess what it will be!!!

Take this small tip on board and watch yourself GROW!

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