Adam Gethin's Tip of the Week!

As the saying goes, 'every little helps.' In regards to maximising your progress in and out of the gym it is vital you are doing everything you can to really take yourself to another level.

This 'Tip of the Week' is going to focus on hydration. It may sound a little boring but did you know the single most anabolic substance is water? Think about it, as soon as you are dehydrated you are unable to transport nutrients to the muscle having a very negative effect on nutrient assimilation rates.

Other negative effects on dehydration include poor muscular contractions, lack of energy, lack of power and a lack of strength. Each and every negative should make you sick awkward just thinking about it. Everything you want to avoid as an athlete will happen if you are dehydrated.

Aim for 4 clear litres of water a day, and as much as 5-6 if you are particularly active and sweat a lot.

Remember to supplement with a top quality multi-vitamin and mineral complex because you will be flushing a lot of these out of your system.

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