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Food is a big apart of everyone's life, especially if you are an athlete. However as the cliche goes so many people complain when they stop being 'average Joe' or 'Jane' and want to become 'Mr Universe' or 'Miss Sexy' that they find the diet too bland. Personally I do not know what these guys are eating, but my diet is anything but bland! Here is a very simple, yet very healthy muscle promoting, fat squashing plate of food for you to try!

200g chicken breast - coat with a teaspoon of manuka honey and then season with salt & pepper. Grill until nicely browned.

250g sweet potato - lightly season with some salt

100g broccoli and 1 sliced carrot - steam these vegetables and then add them to a sauce made from tinned tomatoes, chopped onions and peppers.

Now all you have to do is dish this up and enjoy! This is such a simple yet very tasty and very healthy meal for the serious athlete! ENJOY!

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