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Hi guys. In this weeks workout of the week we are going to hammer the deltoids and hit every angle of the shoulder. We will work the shoulders in as many ways as possible using a high volume and fast paced workout. The rest periods will be kept relatively short and the weights relatively light. The main purpose of this workout is to get blood into the shoulders to stretch the fascia, to use different types of muscle fibres and to work the shoulders from as many angles as possible. We will mix some heavy compound exercises with some lighter isolation exercises.

The deltoids are made up of three heads. These are the anterior, medial and posterior. The anterior lies on the front and is responsible for shoulder extension. It is used in pressing movements like the bench press, standing shoulder press and also raises the arm in front of the body. The medial delt is on the side of the shoulder. This is the muscle that gives the shoulder a ‘capped’ appearance from a front view. It is also used heavily in shoulder pressing movements but mainly is used in shoulder abduction and provides movement like in the lateral raise exercise. The rear deltoid is used in shoulder flexion and brings the arms from above the head down and behind the body. They are used in rowing motions mainly.

We are going to start with compound exercises and work our way to some high rep isolation work.

Standing barbell push press: 3 x 5 reps

The push press is a great shoulder compound exercise that also recruits the triceps and legs to help push the weight. This assistance means that the shoulders can carry a greater load and put more of a positive strain on the muscle.

Behind neck smith machine press: 3 x 8-10 reps

The behind the neck press puts the shoulders at a different angle than pressing from the front. Doing it on the smith machine also keeps a direct plane of motion so the weight can be controlled much more. I actually find these to be very effective when done with partial rep ranges. If you stop just before the bar touches your neck at the bottom and then stop about 4 inches before lockout at the top.

Seated Arnold press: 3 x 8-12 reps

The Arnold press is going to give the shoulders a greater range of motion than the exercises used so far. This is going to bring more muscles into play. It will hit all 3 heads very well as well as working the traps, triceps and the upper back to a degree.

Lateral raise supersetted with front dumbbell raise: 3 x 10 sets each

We are going to isolate the shoulders now and really get some blood in there. Doing these exercises are great to put tension on the shoulder without involving the triceps and straining the joints with heavy weights. Supersetting will help to develop the slow twitch muscle fibres as well as taking the muscle past the point of fatigue.

Rear delt raise: 5 x 10-12 reps

We are going to do 5 sets of this exercise because we are going to do them fast. Pick a relatively light weight and only have 20 seconds rest in between sets. Doing this fast will allow the blood into the muscle and stretch the fascia.

So if you have lagging shoulders or want to develop that important shoulder cap and great silhouette from the front I recommend trying this workout.

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