AC's Top 3 Protein Snacks

Protein bars and snacks are one of my favourite supplements to use. They are incredibly handy, nutritious, generally very tasty, cheap in most cases and make dieting and integrating a bodybuilding diet into a busy lifestyle very easy.


Protein snacks come in all shapes and sizes with differing ingredients, nutritional values, composition and taste. You can get flapjack bars, brownies, cookies, chocolate bars and ive even seen protein jelly babies.


If you are out and about during the day and aren’t able to get a meal or take a protein shake with you then one of these snacks can be extremely useful to you to avoid missing a meal and not getting your nutrient requirements.


I have personally tried and tested a large majority of the protein snacks and bars on the market so feel I can give pretty good recommendations to which ones you may like. The first thing you need to consider with protein snacks is what nutrient requirements you have. For example a flapjack bar will have lots of complex carbs but fairly low protein, whereas a bar like the phd growth factor 50 will have lots of protein but less carbs. There are other aspects to consider like taste, value for money, quality etc.


I will give you my favourite 3 bars and reasons why. They are 3 totally different protein snacks and serve different purposes for me.


Number 1 – CNP Flapjack.


To put it this way, I am addicted to these bars!! They are so moreish it is very hard to stop at just one bar. If you are bulking or trying to gain muscle or improve performance and need plenty of carbs in your diet then these bars are fantastic. They contain lots of low GI complex carbs from oats as well as 20g protein per bar. They are fantastic value for money, not too bloating, taste amazing and have a great balanced nutritional profile. In my opinion they are the best snack for anyone on a high calorie diet who needs to get carbs as well as protein from their protein bar.


Number 2 – PhD Growth Factor 50


The GF50 bars are not like the flapjacks. They are a brownie. They are far larger than the flapjack but boast a massive 50g protein per bar. They also contain 25g low GI carbs and 10g fat from MCT’s. Another great bar for anyone wanting to gain size. They come in chocolate and chocolate orange which are both tremendously tasty. The GF50 is a great bar if you know you wont be getting a meal for a while and need something serious to keep your body fuelled for a longer period of time. With 400 calories per bar the GF50 is equivalent to a medium sized meal.


Number 3 – PhD Diet Whey bar


The Diet whey bar was literally my saving grace throughout my recent diet. I was allowed 1 diet whey bar per day as it is only 180 calories per bar. The fact that it is so low calorie meant that it was a fantastic low calorie alternative to a higher calorie meal. The reason it was so important to me on the diet was that it tasted SO GOOD! The diet whey bars are a serious joy to eat (especially if you are on a diet and hungry for chocolate all day). It has 25g protein per bar and is relatively low carb and low fat. It also contains CLA and L-carnitine to aid in fat loss. The diet whey bar comes in chocolate, choc-orange and strawberry. The chocolate and choc-orange and my favourite.


So these are my 3 favourite protein snacks. All of them are fantastic in their own right. So if you are looking for a snack to take with you on the go when you may not be able to get any other source of nutrients I strongly recommend any of these 3 options.

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