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Good morning FitMag readers. As a special treat for you today I am joined by top professional model, champion natural bodybuilder and member of Team Grenade, Jamie Alderton.

Hi Jamie, thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions, It’s an honour to have you on FitMag.

So for my first question I would like to know how you got into training. Have you always wanted to train for aesthetics or was it a transition from training for a different sport? Also did gaining muscle come easily for you?


Hi Adam, firstly thank you for having me here at FitMag! My transition to Bodybuilding and Fitness Modeling came quite easy for me with regards to training and exercise. I Served in the British Army for almost 7 years and as you know a big part of being a soldier is being “Fit for Purpose” and ready to deploy on operations around the world! I was a very active guy in the Army! I was on the Regimental Rugby Team, The Corps Athletics Team and Boxed for My Regiment for Three Years! Gaining muscle has been pretty easy for me as I would say that I have Mesomorphic Body type meaning I can gain and lose weight easier than most!

The biggest mountain I had to climb when getting into this game was learning about Diet!!! And to this day I am still learning and believe I will always be learning! You can train and train to your hearts content but without the right diet you will get nowhere


You said you served in the armed forces for 7 years and were out in Baghdad for a period of that. How do you feel this affected your training? Did it teach you to be more disciplined with it or do you feel like it’s hard for people in the forces to be able to keep up with their training?


It depends solely on where you are deployed on operations. If you are deployed out on the front line you have very limited equipment to keep fit with and maintain your fitness but with the right imagination you can keep on top of it. I was lucky to be based in the US Embassy when I was in Iraq so had access to a very good gym which would put some of the gyms back in the UK to shame and managed to keep in great shape when out there! To answer your question about whether its hard for people in the forces to keep up their training I think it depends on the type of person! Generally Soldiers are highly motivated individuals who take pride in their fitness so will always find a way to stay in shape no matter what situation they are in.


Since you finished serving you have moved on to fitness modeling, natural bodybuilding and really becoming a figurehead for the training and supplement industry. How did this come about? Was it a goal that you had or did things kind of fall into place?


To be honest it kinda fell into my lap! I had left the army and was training in my local gym when the gym owner spotted me and said “You have the right build to become a great natural bodybuilder” . He then went into explaining to me the difference between tested and not tested competitions which appealed to me firstly as everyone was on a level playing field as a natural athlete and the only way they were going to win was to do their research and train HARD!! The only thing that didn’t appeal to me at first was standing on stage in front of 200 people in nothing but a pair of speedos!! Which in itself gave me the motivation to get up every morning and finish my workout ha ha. I was very lucky to get spotted at the Bodypower fitness expo in Birmingham 8 weeks out from this competition by my Sponsors Grenade. I had heard about the product and had heard great things about it! I started taking the product and I can quite safely say it helped me get into the condition that was required for the competition! I finished 2nd out of 14 competitors in my very first contest and Qualified for the British Finals which was a very proud moment and made all the dieting and training worth it!


In regards to your training, I have read your blog and seen that you do a lot of Kris Gethin’s DTP training as well as a mix of other training methods. Which do you feel works best for you?


I don’t have a set routine that works for me and am constantly changing my routine, reps and sets ratio. I did Kris’s DTP training for a solid week and can safely say it is the hardest training that I have ever done! To put into context as to just how hard it is check out my Team Mate Rich getting put through his paces


There are also some very impressive fat loss pictures on your blog

15 days of dieting:


What sort of diets do you follow to stay in such awesome shape all year round?


The diet that I used to get in Shape for for the Las Vegas Fitness Expo was more of what I would class as a “Deadline Diet”! I would recommend this for anyone who wants to get in shape quick for a holiday, photoshoot ect but would not recommend it as a contest prep diet. I basically cut my carbs down to 70g a day for 5 days whilst increasing my protein and fat then on the 6th day have a High Carb day of around 500-600g to Replenish the depleted glycogen. I would then cycle this for about three weeks. For more information on the low carb day diet check out my blog



You are also a member of team Grenade. Grenade fat burners have really taken over as the markets leading fat burner and are now taking America by storm. What do you think it is about Grenade that makes them so popular?


I think what makes Grenade so Popular is that not only is it the best packaged supplement on the Market today it actually WORKS! People are pulled in by the amazing packaging and as soon as they try it they come back for more! We also have the best team in the business and I challenge anyone to disagree! We are all extremely good friends and are always in stitches whenever we meet, we are also experts in many different fields of fitness from cover models to bodybuilders to endurance athletes! And unlike most fitness models Team Grenade get put through their paces whenever we meet! For proof check out our youtube site


Obviously you are very busy at the moment helping grenade break America, but are you hoping to become well known in America yourself? If so what does the future hold for Jamie Alderton? Maybe win another natural bodybuilding show?


I aim to come back bigger and stronger next year Ready to lift another Musclemania British Title! I would also love to compete in the Mens Physique Category over in the States next year and Im really hoping that they bring the Class over to the UK soon!


Thank you very much for your time today Jamie. I’m certain the readers will appreciate it and enjoy reading what you have to say.


You can follow Jamie’s blog here  - 

You can also watch his training on grenade’s youtube channel

Plus also keep checking the FitMag as Jamie will hopefully be posting some very interesting articles himself on his methods and experiences.



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