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Good morning Fitmag readers. I am extremely excited to introduce todays star interview. We have been graciously joined today by top fitness model, figure competitor and ambassador for female fitness Samantha Baker


Good morning Samantha, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us.


My first question is one that I’m sure our female readers are keen to know the answer to. How did you first get into training? Have you always wanted to be a model and figure competitor or was there a transition from a different type of training?


I first got into training from being so active growing up playing sports and having a long dance background,  I just wanted to continue to try for something more.  I had to always stay in shape for what I did but that was more cardiovascular shape and as I started to train with weights I noticed significant changes and really liked it! I didn’t grow up wanting to be a model and didn’t know what figure competing was but the more I was involved with dance, then being a professional NFL cheerleader I was around it more, once I was done cheering I wanted to try something more and kind of transitioned into the modeling.  The competing sort of just happened a couple years ago due to me always staying in shape and being lean year round for modeling.  I gave it a try and it’s worked out pretty good.


That’s fantastic. There are a lot of women out there who may be hesitant to use weight training and will stick to cardio for their exercise regime. As someone who has transitioned from purely dance to using weights as part of their training and CLEARLY achieved an amazing body, do you advise that women should use weights as part of their training program?


YES I strongly advise that women use weights as part of their training it’s a necessity!!! I hear so many times from women “but I don’t want to get big”…you won’t!!! It wouldn’t even be possible for a woman to “get big” that quick if she tried. It takes years and years of training and not every woman that lifts wants to be big either! I do it for my physique and my health and I still stay very feminine.  Weight training burns fat, increases bone strength which is essential as we get older and it makes your overall physique toned and you will feel better too!!


Great advice! There are a vast number of different workouts and training programs out there to use. Which one do you feel worked best for you in helping you to achieve your figure?


Variety works best for me.  It also depends on what I am prepping for.  I will use different workouts and training programs prepping for a show than I might to prep for a shoot.  I do believe that you need to keep your body guessing, change is good and always push your hardest, do everything 110%! I will do steady cardio training, HIIT training, I will do circuit training for my weight training and also do a body part a day training.  Variety is the key!


With being a top fitness model you will have to stay in good shape all year round. Is this something that you find easy? What sort of diet do you follow to maintain your toned muscle and stay lean throughout the year?


Staying in good shape year round is a challenge I believe to anybody but I do find it somewhat easy because I have just made it my lifestyle.  I always maintain a clean form of eating, I do cheat days definitely when I can and depending on what I have coming up there may be more of those incorporated at times!! I definitely always maintain eating 5-6 meals a day no matter what.  I cut out sugars, most dairy, salt, I stick with complex carbs, no alcohol and this is pretty much the way it is year round.  I try to do all my meals as food and maybe a protein shake or two mixed in depending on what I am getting ready for.


As well as being a successful fitness model, you have competed and won high level figure shows such as the Jay Cutler classic! Do you mind talking our readers through your show highlights and where you plan on going next with your competitive career? Is a pro card on the table?


The highlights of my show career are in part just being there in general, it’s so exciting to be there and participating in something that you worked so hard for! It’s amazing to be on that stage in front of everybody and showing them all what you have done and hearing your name in first call out is really exciting! Going back for the night show and being there to hear your name called out for top 5 and then waiting and waiting (which sometimes feels like forever lol) and as each girl is called and you’re left standing there realizing you just won…truly awesome!! My next plan is to compete at this year’s NPC Nationals in South Beach in November for the pro card.  I am going to just have a lot of fun at this one, enjoy the time that I am there, schedule some photo shoots as well and overall just be happy to be there with the best!!


Thank you. For my final question I would like to ask about being a role model. You are an inspiration for many women and give them the motivation to train and achieve their goals. You are a person who gives back to the fans with constant advice and help through your website ( Do you feel a sense of responsibility by being a role model for Women? And who was your main inspiration to achieve what you have achieved up to now?


Being a role model for women is a wonderful thought to me and the fact that I have become this I am extremely grateful for.  I always feel a sense of responsibility in this role and always try my hardest to do what I can to help whoever I can. I try to answer everyone as much as possible between my sites and pages and I try to be as real as possible as well.  It is very important for me to give back to everybody that has given me their time because in all honesty I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of all my fans!

My main inspiration to achieve what I have up to now would have to be my parents. I have of course always had fitness icons that I have looked at and wanted to be like in certain ways but my parents were the true people who taught me to achieve my goals in life, never give up, and most importantly never let ANYBODY stop you from doing what you want in life!

I also want to give a big thank you to my sponsors as well Muscle Warfare and Nutri-sups Worldwide!! You guys are the best!!


Samantha, once again thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. It has been a great privilege to hear your responses and I’m sure our female readers will find it extremely useful.

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