6 Ways to Add Size With Your Workouts!

When you have a routine going on it is very hard to find a way out of it! You have arranged times where you meet your mate in the gym, and you have set working hours so changing this isn’t going to be high on the agenda! However it can be small changes which lead to the greatest of gains! When things are slow try these 6 top tips to take your workouts to another level!

Rest periods                                                                                                          

How often do you take between sets before you charge on and restart your assault on the body? This can work two ways. Option 1, you decrease your rest periods. This will help keep your heart rate up for longer, it will stimulate your slow twitch muscle fibres and it will also help keep blood inside the muscle cell. If you normally use a rest period in the region of 2 minutes, switch it up and rest for no longer than 40 seconds between sets! This will certainly change the way your body responds to training!

If on the other hand you normally train with short rest intervals between sets, then option 2 is certainly worth a try! By increasing your rest periods to approximately 2 minutes you will enable your body to replenish your ATP levels more effectively which will in turn enable you to lift more weight! If you are used to fast sets with little break, lifting heavier with more rest between sets will hit your body by surprise, hopefully stimulating a new rate of growth!

Repetition range

Most of us gym monkeys will use the golden standard repetition range of 8-12 per set. However, when you dare to venture beyond this don’t think for one second your development will stop! In fact, adding higher repetition workouts into to your overall plan will help! Your muscles will be flooded with blood, your fascia will get a good stretch and your slow twitch muscle fibre mass will develop. Burning fat will also be made easier considering your heart rate will be elevated for longer! To switch your sessions up a gear be sure to add in high repetition workouts every 3 weeks! Shoot for around 30 repetitions per set, and as much as 80 on leg day!

New exercises

So the current arsenal of exercises you choose have got you to where you are today. Why not see what new exercises could do for you? To really get the most out of every workout you need to ensure your muscles are not getting too used to your workouts. This is a good enough reason to switch things up. If on chest day you predominately do flat bench, incline flyes then crossovers change your line of attack with decline dumbbell press, incline bench press and weighted dips to finish. There is such a difference between those two different sets of exercises, yet they both have great merits when it comes to smashing up your muscle fibres come chest day!

Training split

For the last 3 months you have followed the same training split religiously, well surely it is due to swap things about! If you have been hitting biceps and triceps after back or chest for example, introduce an ‘arm only’ day. This will ensure you are hitting both sides of your arms completely fresh for a change. The same can be said for other body parts. Don’t fall into one routine because it worked in the past, when things need freshening up DO IT!

Training partner

Do you have a training partner? Do you have several different ones? Does your training partner work hard enough? If you don’t currently have a training partner, get one! Make sure they are just as committed to ensure you guys are shooting for the same goals. Having a good training partner will enable you to train harder and encourage you to push beyond your limits when you otherwise wouldn’t. If on the other hand you find your training partner talks too much and doesn’t push them self then sack them! Sometimes you find that some training partners have a terrible habit of holding you back, don’t allow this to happen because you’re just wasting your time, money and calories!

Repetition speed

Everyone seems to have their own rhythm, and I am not talking about on the dance floor. Some guys will blast out repetitions; some will use a more controlled technique where others will use a very slow rhythm.  Whatever you do, try something new. If you use a lot of power all of the time, try using a slower pace because you will force your body to recruit new muscle fibres. If you are always the guy that uses 110% perfectly timed form, try adding a bit more explosion to your repetitions to really hit your fast twitch muscle fibres!

Remember, change isn’t bad! When something isn’t quite clicking with your workouts do not be afraid to alter things! Utilising these top 6 tips will surely help you find a new path to growth and fat loss!

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