6 Must Have Mass Gaining Supplements this Winter!

I don’t know about you, but I am loving the autumn weather! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Wales are in the semi-finals of the rugby world cup, my diet is going great and I am really enjoying my training. However, one thing I wanted to point out was that my supplement plan has changed slightly as I am gearing up to GROW! This is why I have decided to put together my top 6 ‘mass gaining’ supplements for beginners this autumn and winter!

Whey Isolate Protein

All year round you should be taking a whey isolate and during your mass gaining phase this doesn’t change! In the morning the minute you wake up, you want to be drinking a whey isolate to help fast track anabolic nutrients straight into the muscle! By doing this you are protecting yourself from catabolism and you are also promoting anabolism!

From personal experience I would recommend PhD Whey HT+ as your choice of whey isolate! It mixes great, tastes great and most importantly performs great!


Recovery Formula

If I was ever asked my number 1 piece of advice it would have to be that you NEED to focus on recovery! I am a real stickler for recovery, because without recovering properly how are you going to gain muscle? Impossible! Therefore I highly recommend a post-workout recovery supplement specifically designed for this window! The product needs to have a 2:1 ratio of fast digesting carbohydrates, whey isolate protein, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. It isn’t just your muscles that get broken down in the gym, the whole body does. Your immune system gets weaker; your CNS gets tired as well as other bodily functions. Therefore it is imperative you use a supplement which really promotes maximum recovery in every sense.

From my personal experience I would strongly recommend CNP Pro-Recover. I have used this product since day one and I cannot compliment it enough. It also tastes amazing!



If ever there was a supplement which holds the potential to take you through barriers it is creatine! Different people experience different levels of success with creatine because it often boils down to your natural ATP levels. If they are high then creatine won’t have such a positive effect because there is a saturation point. However, 99% of people will find that creatine has a very strong effect on their performance. We are talking increases in strength my as much as 20%, increased muscular endurance and faster recovery between sets. If you want to train harder, with heavier weight and for longer then creatine is a must! Creatine also acts as a cell volumiser, drawing water into the muscle cell.

The next part is predictable considering the amount of times I go on about this supplement. MST Cre-O2 is the only creatine I used now and that is simply because I couldn’t believe the gains I achieved using it! Stacking MST Cre-O2 with the next supplement I recommend, I have managed to add ½ an inch to my arms this autumn!



Many people will want to look at the most ‘anabolically’ labelled supplements over something like L-Glutamine. However, you shouldn’t dismiss this supplement if muscle growth is really your goal! This autumn I started using L-Glutamine to enable me to add some quality mass, and as I said, combined with my Cre-O2 I have added ½ an inch to my arms! Recovery comes before growth and L-Glutamine is one of the very best recovery supplements out there, acting as an anti-catabolic agent. This amino acid is an absolute must, check any top athlete’s stack of supplements and L-Glutamine will feature!

Reflex L-Glutamine is my favourite, and this is simply because I have enjoyed great results using the product and I find it to be great value for money! If I was to stop taking this supplement, I am sure I would notice the difference!


Mass Gainer

If you have set aside this autumn and winter to really go for it and GROW, then a mass gainer should probably be in your shopping basket. Most people find it hard to eat enough protein, fat and carbohydrates in a day to gain size which is why a mass gainer is so useful. However you must use them properly otherwise you can find you will gain excess fat. With this being said, I wouldn’t use them after about 5PM. This style of supplement is best suited to beginners and HARD gainers, people who have an ectomorph body type!

In the early days I used a lot of mass gainers, which is all I was interested in. USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic would be my pick because I feel the ingredient profile offers you everything you need to grow!


Testosterone Boosters

The fact is, testosterone is the most anabolic hormone in the body and to add mass you need to optimise your test levels! Personally, I feel any male below 25 doesn’t really need a test booster however I have been informed a lot of our readers in their early 20s find they still help! To grow you need to assimilate as much protein as possible, and to do this you need to elevate your protein synthesis levels. This is what a test boost can offer you, but to really benefit you need to ensure your ‘free testosterone’ levels are elevated. This means increasing the gulf between your test levels and estrogen levels.

With that all being said, Anabolic Designs Tauro-Test has to be the best testosterone boosting supplement on the market today! Not only does it utilise several different pathways to increase your test levels, it also increases your ‘free testosterone’ levels using estrogen suppressing ingredients.


With the ultimate goal to GROW as much muscle in the colder months of the year, these 6 supplements are a sure fire ways to achieve this! Combined with an intense training regime and solid eating plan, you will grow like a starved wolf scoffing on Little Red Riding Hoods!

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