5 Steps to Success - Goal Setting!

Goal setting is probably the most powerful tool you can use to motivate yourself. Without goals your journey is sure to land you wherever life may take you! Therefore you need to establish exactly what it is you want to achieve with your training, diet and supplement regime. With a huge proportion of people stating it is their lack of motivation which holds them back, it made complete and utter sense to me to put down 5 ‘MUST DO’ tips. If you are struggling with motivation and a lack of direction then these 5 points should have you back on track within a few bullet points!


Remember the first day you dared to think about going to the gym? Why did you dare to do this? What was it that inspired you to make this decision? Was it the body of your favourite move star? Was it the fact that you felt low in self-confidence? Whatever it was, you need to reconnect to that goal of ambition you started with. Even if the goal has changed that is fine, simply write down what it is you are trying to achieve. Without a purpose your efforts lack substance!

As an example, I aim to increase my arms to 18’’ by March, improve my upper chest and to inspire at least 20 people close to me to improve their health. By March you can bet your bottom dollar I will be evaluating the level of success I achieved, and what I can change next time to make my goals come to fruition faster. If these goals weren’t in place do you think I would be worried about missing a meal, training half arsed or eating crap? Probably not! Whatever your goal, MAKE sure you understand them to a tee and really connect with them. Make it a challenge and embrace the challenge!


So you now have your goals inked in on a scrap piece of paper, congratulations. Now you need to justify to yourself WHY you are going to be making this journey. It is easy to say ‘I want that’ or ‘I want this’ but answering the WHY part is what really counts. For example, so many people will claim they want to lose weight yet 99% of them won’t ever achieve this. Are you telling me it is because it is an impossible goal? Hell no!!! It is because they haven’t justified WHY they want to achieve this goal, so instead they justify why they cannot achieve it.

So now you have in black and white your goals, write down WHY you want to achieve these goals. This will indicate if there is a REAL burning desire to achieve your goals. If there is, and you really know WHY you want to achieve the goals you set out to achieve you are far more likely to make it happen!


The goal is clear and the reason you want to achieve this goal is even clearer to your mind. GREAT! Now you need to take action. Taking action is easier said than done, and it is the separating factor between the people who achieve and don’t achieve.

However, to really get your motivation levels through the roof you NEED to take action on your goals. This is the most empowering thing you can do, because slowly but surely things start to come together.

Commit Yourself

As the journey officially begins you need to make sure your are fully committed! There will be times where you don't feel like doing what you need to do and where it would be easier to not bother. If you do something which commits yourself, you have to continue towards your ultimate goal.

How can you commit yourself? Write an article and put it on FitMag with before photos, tell the world on Facebook, tell your friends and family. In 3 months time if someone says to you ''I thought you were going to do that'' you will HATE it. On the other hand, if someone says ''I am so proud and inspired by the fact you did that'' then you will feel a million dollars!


You have got your goals down on paper, you know you want to achieve them and you are taking action towards them. Really, that is inspiring in itself. However, you need to evaluate your progress on a weekly basis and see if it is working. As you near your end goal be sure to set new goals. The easiest thing in the world is to achieve a goal and then sit back to reward yourself! Don’t stop here; you have so much more to give to set the next goal!

Attaining a physique you crave, getting stronger, healthier and fitter are all very achievable! It is yourself which is the influencing factor. If you find yourself making endless excuses go back to point 2 and ask yourself if it is REALLY what you want. If it is, those titanic obstructions quickly become dwarfed by your drive!

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