4 Ways To Turn Negatives Into Positives!

This winter I have formulated a plan of action to really enhance my weak body parts. One of the training mechanisms I will be using on a constant basis is ‘negatives’ which I have never used on a consistent level before. Today I am going to share with you 4 top tips on how to make the fastest gains using negatives!


When you perform negatives make sure you are pushing against the weight, trying to resist the inevitable pull of gravity on your muscles. Don’t just ‘control’ it on the way down, really press hard as if you are trying to stop the weight falling down. This way you will stimulate a muscular contraction in the target area.

Go heavy

The whole point of negatives is to overload the target area with more resistance than it is usually used to handling. If you can incline bench press 80KG for 6 repetitions, then when you do negatives you want to be using 100KG for 6 repetitions. This will really shock the muscle, potentially forcing new levels of growth within the area.

Top Tip – limit the use of negatives to once every 3 weeks. Using the overload principle of training you are placing your joints and connective tissues under immense stress. Therefore it is vital you allow your joints to recover properly.


During the negative part of the repetition really focus on flexing the target muscle group. Sticking with chest as the example here, flex your pecs as you resist the weight. This will help stimulate different muscle fibres during different parts of the movement.

Top Tip – to help get to grips with ‘flexing’ as you resist the weight envisage you are posing in the mirror. It really is all about contracting the muscle through the entire range of motion, as if you were trying to make your muscles dance!

Fight it

Unlike pressing conventionally for example where you would control the speed of the repetition, you hold out for as long as possible with negatives. Again, sticking with chest as the example on the chest press you fight it, and fight some more until the perseverance of the resistance forces your pecs to give up. Not you, but your muscles due to physical reasons i.e. total muscle fatigue. Don’t give in mentally because of the pain; this is your muscle being worked to its full capacity so you need to embrace it!

There you go, 4 very easy to apply tips on negatives. There isn’t a better way to really take your muscles over the limit! Make sure you have 2 solid training partners to lift the weight for you, and to encourage you not to give in. Apply these training principles correctly and you could make very impressive gains this winter!

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