3 Reasons to Use the Priority Training Principle!

Each and every one of us who hit the gym to gain muscle will have weak and strong body parts, fact. Some may have a full chest with a girly back as where others will have the opposite. Therefore, whilst you want to continue building on your strengths you also want to focus on your weaknesses. Using the priority training principle you should be able to bring up stubborn areas on your physique in a matter of months. Discover what exactly the priority training principle is and why you should use it!

To sum it up, the priority training principle simply means to target your weak muscle groups first in any workout! For example, if your deltoids are a poorly developed muscle group but your biceps bulge at the site of a dumbbell, make sure you kick your next shoulders & biceps workout off with shoulders first! This isn’t about ego; this is about improving your physique! This is one of the simplest training protocols you can utilise in order to accelerate your progression.

If this isn’t enough, here are 3 solid reasons you need to use the priority training principle!


Sticking with the same example, if your biceps are a strong point in your physique it makes sense to kick your workout off with a weak body part. If you start with biceps 30 minutes later you are going to be more fatigued, therefore you are going to have less to throw at your weak body part. It might be tempting to start with your strong body part to show everyone what you’re made of, but all they can see are your weak parts! Jack in the games and get to work! Every workout, start out attacking the weakest point on your physique out of the muscle groups you happen to be training that day! If it is chest day, forget trying to bench a house, and instead kick off with slow and controlled incline pressing! This way you are able to push the weak areas beyond their limits because you are fresh.


To really drive a stubborn muscle group into a state of growth you need to concentrate on getting a serious pump in the gym. It isn’t because you look bigger; it is because the extra blood volume will help stretch the fascia in this area enabling faster growth. The extra nutrients forced into the area by the higher blood volume will also stimulate faster recovery and growth. Therefore, whatever your weak body part be sure to hit it hard at the beginning of the workout to force blood into the area.


This is similar to intensity, yet vitally different. Logic states that at the beginning of your gym session you will be stronger due to higher muscle glycogen levels and ATP levels. Therefore by starting with a weak body part you can really attack it with heavy weight. Whilst lifting heavy all of the time isn’t necessarily the way forward, it does pay to go all out every few weeks to shock your muscles. Shocking your weak muscle groups should pay dividends!

All you have to do is look in the mirror, maybe get a friend who knows what their looking at and pick out your weaknesses. This isn’t a time for arse kissing, just the truth. Once you have distinguished which body parts need the most work rearrange your training split and unleash hell on these areas!

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