10 Ways to Avoid Being The 'Gym Idiot'

Being problematic to other gym users is never nice and it is totally uncalled for. Here is a cracking top 10 by one of FitForum's most savy members!

Congratulations! – You are making it into the gym 3-5 times a week, you have a good solid resistance based training routine and you are noticing some decent gains and a beneficial change in your physique. An extra sense of well-being, and new self confidence may be blossoming but have you slipped into the pit-falls of becoming a gym nuisance with some less than enviable traits and habbits that may be annoying your fellow trainers?! Here are a few points to ponder and to perhaps think about next time you are about to embark on an epic workout:


  1. Did you put on deodorant before training and is your kit clean and washed? Don’t be the guy or girl that stinks because your personal hygiene is poor. Being hot and sweaty, and smelling a bit due a gruelling and punishing workout regimen is acceptable, but smelling like you or your kit haven’t had a good wash for a week before you even start working out is not good.
  2. Now you have clean kit you need to ask if it’s appropriate kit. Shirt, Vest, Shorts, Jogging bottoms, trainers are the norm. Whatever you wear, make sure that it’s comfortable, doesn’t impede your workout or make movements dangerous and does not offend others (and yes prancing around in cycling shorts with your tackle on display or walking around topless may offend people!)
  3. Get your attitude in check. You want to be pumped up enough to smash every goal you have set for the session, but without being arrogant and inconsiderate to those other gym users training around you. Everybody in the gym has the right to be there, so don’t ogle at the opposite sex and make people lifting less weight feel inferior.
  4. Get focused. You’re in the gym to train. Phone calls and texting is generally frowned upon by gym establishments and patrons alike. People will soon start complaining about you if you spend all your time on the phone instead of using the piece of equipment you are perceived to be hogging. Know your goals and what you want to achieve during the next hour or so. Know what you are going to do before you even get into the gym.
  5. Keep the decibels down. You don’t need to grunt, groan and shout for every single rep. Others will appreciate that the odd grunt or groan may be necessary to push out that last single rep every now and then, and indeed this shows the effort of your labour to them – but nobody wants to listen to somebody swearing and grunting continuously for a whole hour, because lets be honest, its not necessary.
  6. Sweating in the gym is inevitable for most, and is a good indicator to the majority that a substantial amount of effort is being applied. Remember to wipe down equipment if you have excessively perspired all over it.
  7. You may have just blasted through a gruelling set of reps but that doesn’t mean you have to throw or drop the weights. Where possible try to lower the weights back to the floor or your body in a controlled fashion. Remember throwing and dropping weights makes you look like a tool. Don’t be a tool.
  8. Put the weights back where they belong, regardless of how or where you found them!! Dumbbells belong in their appropriate wrack, in the correct place/order and weights plates will generally have a stack on which they can be hung. The person next to you may not be able to lift a 20kg plate off the high mount in the squat rack, so if you leave 100kg on the bar they then can’t use that piece of equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask others to put things back where they belong.
  9. Don’t hog equipment. Share with others in-between sets, and remember that you can only use one workstation at a time. It may be that by sharing you find a new workout partner or somebody to spot you so that you can eek out a few kg’s or reps for that new personal best!
  10. Don’t be a poser. Concentrate on what you are doing, and not how you look in the mirror whilst you are doing it! Heavy weights and poor concentration can have disastrous consequences!



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