Wrist Roller - A Brutally Nasty Tool

If you want a muscle deep burn and a nasty ‘I can barely flex my forearm’ pump then a fat wrist roller may well do the trick for you. Much like the more well-known wrist curls (all kinds) this is a very simple but extremely effective exercise which, it seems, is nasty (in the best way) regardless of whether you cheat or not. The usual position, time under tension and so on of the muscles being used – if the weight has been chosen well – almost guarantee a decent workout. As well as the forearm brutalizing it’s also an effective way of working the thumb (especially so on the thick versions). I’d put this in my top ten grip exercises any time.

The most basic version can be a 1-inch thick, 12 or so inches long wooden dowel with a strong cord affixed in some way and the other end looped through plates and tied in place. You then simply wind it up using the hands only – the roller itself held horizontally and both hands must be used. I prefer the thicker variants of 2 or 3 inches. Give this very simple to use tool a try and tell me it doesn't hurt...

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