Sugar - Finding The Enemy!

The word ‘moderation’ is one which is very commonly used amongst many ‘health’ enthusiasts. I for one am a big believer that a balanced diet with a degree of ‘cheat’ food is acceptable and won’t hinder your gains too much. For more information on making your junk food work for you instead of against you, Your ‘1 STOP Guide’ To Cheat Food! However, there is another side to moderation and that is the dark side. To a degree, there is a level of flexibility with the term ‘moderation’ and many people push way too far beyond the boundaries.

Sugar is one of the most abused ingredients today because it tastes so good. People tend to forget where sugar is hiding and as a result really struggle. Today we see record numbers of people suffering from many illnesses due to the high level of sugar they take on board, and these people would be surprised where some of this sugar actually came from! Here are 3 of the most common places sugar features in your diet without you realising it!


Tea and Coffee!

Hands up for those who take sugar in their tea or coffee? ME!!! Well I used to until I realised what damage it was actually doing to my results. Having a teaspoon of sugar seems very modest and you would hardly think having a few throughout the day would be the difference between a 6 pack or not! On it’s own probably not, but what many people forget is that the sugar in their hot beverage will spike insulin levels, resulting in any fat burning coming to a grinding halt!

Don’t kid yourself that the sugar you add to your tea, coffee or cereal isn’t holding you back because it is! Over a course of a week you could potentially be taking in hundreds of grams of sugar carbohydrates.

So what is the solution?

STEVIA! Stevia is a natural occurring herb originally from South America as well as Asia. Not only does it have a near zero calorie count, it is also a completely natural ingredient which is actually a lot sweeter than sugar! Personally I prefer this to something like an artificial sweetener which contains Aspartame due to the health issues which Aspartame has been shown to potentially cause.

MANUKA HONEY! For your cereal, try a table spoon of manuka honey to replace sugar. Not only will it replace the sweet taste, it will also add a lovely caramel texture as well providing you with MANY health benefits!

Powder Flavourings

Minced beef tastes great to me alone yet apparently I am a bit of a freak!!! So when people shop for sachets of powders to add flavour to their meat you would think this wouldn’t be a problem. Wrong! Just a few weeks back, I was following my partner around Tesco feeling sorry for myself (we had just trained legs!) when she asked if this chilli con carne sachet was OK. Sure I thought, but luckily I checked because there was 25g of sugar in this sachet!!!! 25g of sugar!!!!! This is such an unsuspecting product, yet it is one of the worst I have seen, so you need to be very wary of flavourings and their sugar content.

So what is the solution?

VEGETABLES!  Get chopping, using tomatoes, peppers, red onions, sweet corn, kidney beans and mushrooms to add guilt free flavour and texture. For sure there must be some low sugar sachets of chilli con carne about but I couldn’t find any which were genuinely ‘low’!

Fruit Squash

Seriously, I nearly had a heart attack when I glanced at the sugar carbohydrate contents of a regular bottle of squash. Drinking 4-6 litres of plain water for some people can be a real drag, I can handle it because I am a machine (joke), but I do respect many can’t! Therefore squash seems a great option, it is ‘healthy’ because it contains fruit right? Hell no! If you drank just 5 glasses of squash a day you would be smashing your fat burning capabilities into miniscule pieces!

There are low sugar options I know and they are considerably better, however, they do still contain sugar and over the course of a day you could still easily rack up 20-30g of extra sugar which isn’t great. To add to this, options which are very low often contain Aspartame and I certainly want no part in promoting anything which contains this.

So what is the solution?

FRESHLY SQUEEZED! Get half a lemon and squeeze it into a chilled glass of water. This adds a subtle yet very refreshing flavour yet you avoid excess levels of sugar. In fact, lemon is known for its ability to promote fat loss and is used by a lot of elite athletes for this very purpose!

To conclude we have busted 3 of the top offending products which you wouldn’t have necessarily thought would be sugar rich! Tea and coffee is a bit of an obvious one, but so many people don’t realise how much of a negative effect it can have on their waistline!

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