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Getting that dream ‘6 pack’ is one thing yet maintaining a fine set of washboard abs is quite the opposite. Have you ever wondered how an athlete or film star always walks around with bricks poking out of his or her vest? This will be partly down to their genetics for sure, however above their training regime it will be largely down to their diet AND supplementation plan.

Actors, musicians, athletes and models all use supplements otherwise they would really struggle to maintain their condition all year round. With hectic schedules it is no wonder they rely on these products to ensure their nutritional intake remains bang on!

To list a few, some of my favourite ‘famous’ people’s physiques include Jason Statham, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Nelly, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, John Cena and Vin Diesel. For the ladies it has to be J-Lo, Beyonce, Megan Good, Nicky Whelan and Jennifer Aniston.

''How do they all stay in shape all year round?''

All these guys, on different levels, carry a lean muscle mass and they all rock toned physiques all year round. Whilst we don’t have personal access to their specific diets, we do know that they must be eating clean all the time and using the right supplements.

So what does it take to maintain the body of a film star? Like anybody else it takes consistency but you must already have that otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. With that said, here is FitMag’s 3 step guide to maintaining an ultra lean body, like your favourite celebrity, all year round!


Let’s presume you too have a very hectic schedule. One week you are working from 5AM in the morning and the next week you are away for a week in London staying in a hotel. Let’s lay it on thick so nobody reading this goes ‘ye but I have to do . . . .’! The key in my opinion is to know what you can eat during what part of the day; therefore you can get what you need. I’m talking about equivalent meals, being able to understand ‘nutritional value’ stickers and knowing the difference between ‘healthy’ and genuinely ‘healthy’ foods. This is why we are not going to write down a ‘diet’ in terms of food, but instead in ‘nutrients’ so you know at what time of the day you can eat what.

Breakfast – 20g of complex carbohydrates, 20g sugar carbohydrates (fruit), 30g protein, 10g EFAs

Mid Morning – 30g complex carbohydrates, 30g protein, 30g fibrous carbohydrates

Lunch – 30g complex carbohydrates, 30g protein, 30g fibrous carbohydrates, 5g EFAs

Mid Afternoon – 35g protein, 50g fibrous carbohydrates, 5g EFAs

Supper – 35g protein, 50g fibrous carbohydrates, 5g EFAs

Before Bed – 30g protein, 5g EFAs

This diet is simply a template to follow with the most important factors being limiting sugar carbohydrates to breakfast and complex carbohydrates to no later than lunch time. Some people will get away with a lot more complex carbohydrates, however, in order to maintain a lean physique this kind of diet will work for 95% of people. It also enables you to get some fruit in your diet, yoghurt if you wish, greens as well as your rice, pasta, potato and meats. Overall, you are going to be able to maintain a balanced diet. If you are about and about, foods like greens may be a little harder to get in with your meals if you have to resort to brown chicken sandwiches and so on. However, the timing of your carbohydrate intake is the most influential factor out of all your nutritional needs so keep an eye on this.


To remain lean you want supplements which promote fat loss via several different pathways. You are talking increased thermogenesis, increased fat metabolisation and a suppressed appetite for sugary foods in particular. To achieve this it is vital you choose the correct supplements.

PhD Diet Whey

PhD Diet Whey is a multi-blend timed release protein supplement which drip feeds your muscles through the day to ensure maximum muscle recovery and stabilisation of blood sugar levels. By doing this your body is able to maximise its fat burning capabilities and prevent cravings for sugary foods. PhD have also added L-Carnitine, an outstanding ingredient for promoting fat metabolisation by transporting your fat to the mitochondria where it is converted into a useable energy source. Green Tea extract also features which is a very effective thermogenic ingredient. With less than 7g of carbohydrates which of 2g are sugar, there is no danger of suffereing from fat gain using this product any time of the day as a meal replacement!

You can be sure your favourite screen stars will be using similar products along with a similar eating programme to ensure their body looks sharp every day of the year! Remember, it is all about the diet and the supplements you use to compliment your food intake which really makes the difference.

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