Rolling With An 'A Lister' Trainer - Zee ''Shredded Diesel''

It is official; FitMag is now a ‘hot spot’ for ’A list’ names! Not so long ago you guys had the opportunity to learn from Kurt Angle, one of the most famous wrestlers in the world. It is a fact, people look up to celebrities who are in shape. People, who look great all the time, look healthy, have that certain swagger about them and everyone wants to be them. How do they do it is the big question?

Well I thought I should ask, and who better to ask than the world’s number ONE celebrity personal trainer, Zee ‘Shredded Diesel’! This guy has tens of celebrity clients and jets across the globe every month of the year to ensure your favourite hip hop artists, music producers and NBA basketball stars look good for the magazines and cameras! Sure this is a very high profile interview but that is how we roll!!! Let’s get this ‘A list’ party started baby!

Zee, I would like to thank you for joining us my friend! It is a huge honour to speak to somebody as knowledgeable and experienced as yourself! I’m sure after reading this everyone will wish they had the bankroll to have Zee live with them for 3 years!

To start can you give us some background on yourself as an athlete mate?

Adam I feel very honoured to appear on FitMag bro! Thank you all for having me and I hope you guys are able to learn something new!

Originally I come from Kuwait and I started weight training when I was 13 year’s old. Before weight training I was a skinny kid who was into kickboxing. I wanted to gain strength when I kicked and punched so I joined a local gym to build some muscle mass, but I ended up loving the weight room more than kickboxing. From here I got determined to carry on researching how to bodybuild and enhance my physique. In 2005 I won the UKBBF Junior bodybuilding title!

So during your quest to improve your physique you competed and won! Can you tell us how you become a Personal Trainer?

I used to read loads of bodybuilding magazines, my favourite was MD because Charles Glass used to write articles in that magazine and he also did a Q&A.  I have always looked up to him as the god father of all trainers and how creative he can be in the weight room while training his clients. So it was Charles Glass that motivated me as young kid to get into personal training.

Now I started personal training before I even got qualified as a personal trainer, I used to train clients as a hobby to learn body types from the age of 16 as a part time job while I was studying in school. I just liked how clients would transform from ‘flab to fab’ in a matter weeks and I also enjoyed plateaus because that was like a puzzle for me to solve. When I had to get qualified as a personal trainer, yes I did learn a lot from the course but it’s not like experience that you would go through in real life training clients.

Even now when I hire a personal trainer to work under me when I get under pressure and can’t catch up I make sure they have the experience before their qualification. Call me crazy but it’s the truth! 

Too true bro, so many personal trainers and nutritionists out there with qualifications know very little about making a difference! So which celebrities do you train?

My main client was music producer Timbaland!

I was on a major contract with Timbaland for 3 and half years as his main personal trainer. Meaning I would need to travel everywhere he would go. Now because he was such a successful music producer that worked with lots of artists to name a few like Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Missy Elliot and much more. How it worked was they book me for a couple of sessions during our stay. But at times Timbaland would take breaks and we would stay in Miami or LA for couple weeks and it gives me a chance to train other celebs and high profile clients such as club owners and NBA players on the side but when I get a call to pack because Timbaland needs to fly for business I would have my bag already packed because the call can be any time. So as you can see our camp such as the barber, the chef, his body guard and his manager are all on stand by to travel when he is ready.   

Life of the rich and famous! As you were explaining that bro I imagined you surrounded by hot Latina women, Ferraris and exotic pools in the Miami sun!

Is there a specific diet or training plan you like your clients to follow?

No there isn’t a specific diet or training plan it all depends who I’m training and what kind of goal they would want to reach. I would take their age, height, weight and their BMI; break them all down to give them a custom diet that would work only on their body type. I would then combine it to make sure it blends nicely with their work out plan and cardio plan to help them reach their goal faster.  

Great stuff! In regards to training, how do you like to train and how has it changed over the years?

I keep my training basic. Each session lasts for 1 hour or a maximum of 1 hour and half. Now I go heavy and don’t count I would just feel through mind muscle connection. My workout is always different to make sure I keep my body in shock and stop it from hitting a plateau. In the past I used to think I always needed to hit 3 sets and 12 reps or 6 reps on my heavy sets, but now I just go with the flow and how my body feels. I don’t count sets and I don’t count reps I flow in the gym depending on how my body wants.

Great advice bro! Knowing your body is key in my opinion! Any inside tips on training to get a bit more from our workouts?

Keep it simple! We are in the gym to fill our muscles with blood and not to show off how much weight we can push. Create a mind muscle connection by looking at the muscle your training. For example if you do one arm dumbbell preacher curls look at your biceps contracting, this will make your muscle work twice as hard. Now saying that when you train your back muscle it’s hard to follow this theory! In this instance you would need to feel that mind muscle connection through your mind and your feeling.  

What training advice would you give to beginners?

Don’t rush to reach your goal or you will end up getting hurt. Be patient nothing comes over night or two. Try to experiment to see what works best for you as we all have different genetics. What works for him or her might not work for you. Read and research! If you can afford to hire a personal trainer I would highly recommend that to help you reach your goal faster. End of the day you can workout all day long if you don’t eat right you wont get any where unless you got some kind of blessed genetics which not many of us do. Remember (YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT) 70% diet, 20% workout and 10% rest = 100% Success to reach your goal!

What are the most common mistakes you see people make in the gym?

The most common mistakes I see are –

 Trying to lift heavy weight when they are not even strong enough to do so.

Speaking on the cell phone whilst they are actually doing a set.

Over training in they gym, spending hours in the gym when all you need is 1 hour to 1 hour and half maximum!

With your diet, what does it look like?

Depends on my goal! If my aim is to gain muscle mass I would then increase my calorie intake to gain muscle mass. I would add more complex carbs from white rice, white potato, Vitargo and oat meal. And for protein I would use more red meat in my diet and I will have half an avocado with every meal for healthy fats.

Now if I want to get shredded and leaner I would decrease my calories and I would switch my carbs to brown rice and sweet potato for the steady slow release calories to keep me feeling fuller longer and to prevent me from getting hungry quick. I would still use oat meal for breakfast and Vitargo for my post-workout mixed in my protein shake. I would still use healthy fats such as avocados but I would half the amount!

Your in crazy condition mate, are you ripped all year round or do you sacrifice condition for more size sometimes?

Nahhh I don’t stay ripped all year round I think its very boring to stay in shape year round and I will also lose my motivation. Now you might agree or disagree to what I’m about say. I take a break and lay off from my training and diet after every 16 weeks. I take a month or 2 off from gym and dieting.

It’s a break that I use not only to enable my body to recover from all the pounds I have been lifting in the weight room but also to enjoy different foods. (Now this is going to sound crazy) I also use this break to get out of shape! Then I challenge myself to see how fast I can make a better and stronger comeback. I start feeling hungry to get back in the gym...  the month or two that I took off also makes me miss dieting and eating clean and makes me miss the gym.

I can certainly relate to that Zee! Any secret recipes you could share with us? 

When I’m mass building, for breakfast I get my blender and throw in the following!

 1 and a half cups of egg white, 1 cup dry oats, 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil and 1 scoop of strawberry whey protein.  

Nice, I will try this for sure! How important is your diet on a scale of 1-10 for any athlete?


Agreed! What are the most common diet mistakes you see people make?

They tend to drop their carbs way too low which will end up in a hormone called Leptin being released! When Leptin kicks in it will make your body hold on to the calories you consume! This will end up making your diet worthless because you won’t be losing any body fat no mater what you do.

You need to take it step by step. Yes you will lose a lot weight at first but then in 3 weeks to month’s time you will stop seeing results due to the carb drop you have done. Your diet needs to be balanced from carbs, protein and healthy fats to insure maximum results.

Man am I glad you said that! What supplements do you use, why?

I use the following –

Whey protein isolate for my post work out shake with Vitargo to replenish my lost glycogen in the muscle. I mix it with my protein shake post work out.

Nitric oxide energy supplement to help me reach a faster pump in the gym and improve my mental focus! It also helps me gain higher energy levels pre-workout which is vital because I am on an empty stomach! I take it 2 hours after my meal.

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3 grams of vitamin C to help keep my immune system healthy.  

What supplement  do you feel are vital for a beginner, why?

Protein powder because as a beginner he or she will find it hard to keep up 6 meals a day, this way they can have a protein shake as meal replacement when needed.  

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Thanks so much bro, anything you would like to add?

Adam first of all I would like to thank you for making this interview possible for the public to read! It has been a real honour for me to be a part of FitMag and I hope I have given you and your readers enough information to help them gain!

This sport isn’t only to build a great body and look good but it’s also a good way to relieve stress! However it can also be very dangerous if you engage it in the wrong way. You and the people surrounding you can end up getting hurt so please take your time reaching your goal. Enjoy it and have fun and research as much as you can because it’s like technology you can never stop learning new things. This is why FitMag is so beneficial to you guys, so keep learning!

With all my experience I have and gained through my years I can say every day I still learn new things. Please feel free to add me on my Facebook fan page to continue being updated!


In fact one update is that I have recently agreed with Adam to join FitMag to do a monthly Q&A with you guys. Please email your questions to [email protected] and he will pass them on to me! I’m very excited to be part of this team!

Finally, my ‘’Shredded Diesel VS Kuwait’’ DVD should be released this November.  Here is a Link to my official DVD Teaser Trailer an MBE film !

Thank you!

Zee thank you so much for a very informative interview. As you know at FitMag we don’t settle for anything less than the best which is why we had to get you on the team. We are all very excited to have you on the team doing a monthly Q&A!

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