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For the average family man or lady the summer holidays are over to life becomes a bit more hectic again, the for the average student school takes up most of their time and then we have the people who are franticly off their feet all year round! This calls for a workout system which only takes up one and a half hours of your time a week, using just once piece of equipment. Impossible, I’m afraid. Well, maybe not actually!

Realism and idealism are two worlds apart, therefore when somebody tells you working out 3 times a week for 30 minutes per session wont work they are wrong! Instead, what they mean is it isn’t ideal and they are right. However, in the world we live in today sometimes you have to be creative and employ a system which delivers results with convenience.

In the last few years we have seen the popularity of kettlebells grow enormously, and there is a very good reason for this. You only require one relatively small piece of equipment, you can achieve an effective workout using every muscle group with a kettlebell and you can train anywhere you want! If you’re stuck in a hotel room that’s fine, if you want to train the garden that’s fine and if you want to exercise on holiday that is fine as well!

This is why I believe using a kettlebell is the best idea, combined with body weight exercises, for anybody who finds they regularly miss the gym due to lack of time! With this said, here is a 3 day training split for you to follow which will only require a kettlebell and your body weight!

Monday - shoulders, chest & triceps

3 X double hand front raises for 20-30 repetitions

3 X alternating side raises for 20-30 repetitions (each side)

3 X lying overhead pull-overs for 20-30 repetitions

3 X press-ups for 30 VERY slow repetitions

3 X incline press-ups for 30 VERY slow repetitions

3 X overhead tricep extensions

3 X close grip press-ups for 30 VERY slow repetitions

3 X bench triceps dips for 20-30 VERY slow repetitions

Wednesday – back & biceps

3 X wide grip chin ups for 8+ repetitions

3 X wide grip chin ups for 6+ BUT hold for 3 seconds at top of each repetition

3 X bent over kettlebell row for 30 VERY slow repetitions

3 X weighted hyper extensions for 20-30 repetitions and SQUEEZE at the top of each contraction

3 X close grip pull ups for 8+ repetitions BUT don’t use full range of motion, keep tension on the biceps

3 X alternating kettlebell bicep curls for 20-30 repetitions (each side)

3 X kettlebell concentration curls for 20-30 repetitions (each side)

Friday – legs & core

3 X kettlebell squats for 20-30 VERY slow repetitions

3 X kettlebell lunges for 20-30 repetitions

3 X body weight squats for 50+ repetitions

3 X explosive squats for 15+ repetitions

3 X kettlebell swings for 20+ repetitions

3 X crunches for 30+ repetitions


As you can gather from these workouts, you are going to have about as much rest between sets as a mum of newly born sextuplets! This is the idea, maximising the limited amount of time you DO have in your busy week to burn calories, metabolise body fat and stimulate the development of lean muscle mass. These workouts will also benefit the overall health of your cardiac system for sure because your heart rate will be constantly fluctuating.

So where should you get your kettlebell from? From personal experience there is only one kind of kettlebell I would advise using, 10Bell! Why? Simply because you have 10 different weight setting within one kettlebell, therefore you don’t have to store and move around a whole set of kettlebells. It is vital that you have the option of increasing and decreasing the resistance for each workout as some muscles will be stronger than others. Using one resistance for every body part is going to limit your progress!

Follow the link below and get the ONLY piece of workout equipment you need to create and maintain a lean, mean well built ripped machine!




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