Pick Up The Bar - 4 Reasons why!

This topic isn’t new; there have been numerous occasions where you will have read about the importance of not missing any meals. However, people still miss meals and some times I sit there and wonder how it is possible? If you don’t care if you miss the odd meal here and there that is your choice, but if you ‘’don’t want’’ to miss a meal and you how do you manage to do that? Here are the top 4 reasons most people miss meals and to each reason or excuse, there is a solution within!

Before we get into it, why is missing just one measly meal here or there that bad? Look at it this way, if each meal counts as a card and your building a stack of them, each time you miss a meal this stack comes crashing down! In ‘muscle’ and ‘fat’ terms your metabolism slows down, your blood sugar levels dip, your insulin levels are effected and you find yourself in a catabolic state whilst simultaneously holding on to fat! Sound bad? It is, so don’t miss a meal! How can you do this? Please continue to read!

‘’Can you come in early?!’’

Ok so you wake up in the morning, you begin to pack your meals for the day ahead of you when the phone calls. ‘’Joe, you need to be in work 45 minutes earlier today!’’ Oh bugger, you have no time to get your meals ready so inevitably even with your best efforts to choose replacements in local shops, you miss meals or cheat. Is there any solution to this? SURE! In your car, in the office you work in, in you gym bag and even in your pocket should be a meal replacement bar. I bet in the past when you were eating like a ‘normal’ person there weren’t many days where there wasn’t a chocolate bar within close proximity of yourself!

‘’I had to work through my lunch hour’’

So what? How long does it take to eat a meal replacement bar? Maybe 60 seconds if that! So in an event where you are denied any free time to eat which shouldn’t be too often, simply leave to go to the toilet, take a call or whatever other excuse you can conjure up and scoff down the bar!

‘’Traffic was horrendous!’’

The amount of times when I am dieting and I get stuck in traffic is unbelievable! Like somebody wants you to fail and miss a meal, you leave with plenty of time but when you arrive you have missed a meal by say an hour or so! Disaster! Well, if you stick to keeping a meal replacement bar in you glove box then your problems are easily solved my friend! Simply pull over into a petrol station or lay by, scoff it down and be on your way. You don’t have time? I bet if your bladder was about to burst you would find a spare minute to relieve yourself! ‘’But what if I am in a traffic jam?’’ In that instance the car isn’t moving therefore swiftly grab the bar and munch on it when no one is looking! Just don’t tell PC plod I said that!!!

‘’I was out late, driving my mates!’’

First off, well done to you for not drinking whilst you’re trying to improve your physique and get healthier! However, after all that hard word don’t throw it away by missing a meal! As we said in some of the earlier excuses, if you keep a meal replacement bar on you in the car and on your person you really don’t have to miss a meal at all!

Doesn’t this just make you sound silly when you come up with an excuse for missing a meal!? Don’t get caught off guard and make sure you keep plenty of these bars very close to you, in every environment you often find yourself in! This way there is NO excuse, SIMPLES! Below are our top 2 favourite meal replacement bars!

PhD Diet Whey bars are ideal for low carb diets or late night snacks/meals! These taste absolutely amazing, meaning it will take very little time to work through one of these in the case of a rush!



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