PhD Pharma Blend 6HR with FREE Methoxy 7 Test

For the month of October you have the chance to cash in on a great deal with PhD! This month we are offering PhD Pharma Blend 6HR with a free box of PhD Methoxy 7 Test!

As the autumn kicks in a lot of you will be looking to add some new muscle to your physique. There is no better way to do this than to use a natural testosterone boosting system, such as Methoxy 7 Test! By increasing your natural testosterone levels your body should be able to assimilate more protein, leading to faster recovery, more muscle growth and increased strength levels.

Another key area which you need to focus on when making every effort to add muscle is your pre-bed meal! When we sleep our anabolic hormones peak and we are in the best possible state to recover and grow! However, if there is a lack of nutrients to assist recovery and growth you will struggle. PhD Pharma Blend 6HR is the ultimate pre-bed supplement! For up to 6 hours your muscles will be fed amino acids through the night, enabling you to make the most of your peaking anabolic hormone levels!

To get this exclusive offer, follow the link below which has been provided!


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