Sci-MX Omni-MX Hardcore - Why is Dave a Customer For Life?

Well, what can I say about this product…. If I had to summarise it up in one sentence it would be;

“It is the Ronseal of Supplements; it does exactly what it says on the tub!”

If you’re after a top quality all-in-one mass gainer, look no further! This product is arguably the best available. With such an impressive nutrient profile, why would you need to go anywhere else for your supplementary needs?!

This product helped me gain almost a stone of muscle mass, in only 12 weeks. With its perfect balance of quality nutrients, in my eyes it delivers exactly what it promises and more…..

The gains I experienced with this were brilliant, and I won’t be starting a ‘bulking’ phase in the future without a tub at hand! I thoroughly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed! I used the recommended two daily servings, one immediately upon waking (after 8 hours of fasting, your body is craving the nutrients, so first thing in the morning is ideal for a serving of Omni-mx Hardcore) and one serving immediately post-workout (which ensures your muscles can recover and grow after each workout).

In each daily serving you get a blend of 5 proteins (each with a different absorption rate), ensuring optimum protein synthesis rates, keeping your muscles anabolic for longer. Helping you recover and grow quicker than ever! It also has an added extra, in the name of Aminogen. A compound clinically proven to increase nitrogen retention and BCAA release, optimising how your body uses the proteins. This helped me recover a lot quicker than normal, and the DOMS was minimal.

As well as a great blend of proteins, it has a great mixture of carbohydrates, both fast acting and slow acting. These carbohydrates together, replenish your glycogen stores, and also help to transport vital nutrients (creatine, arginine, beta-alanine etc…) to your muscles, ensuring maximum recovery, helping you to get ready for your next big session! It does this without an in-wanted sugar effect, meaning there is minimal fat gains. This made me feel a lot more ‘pumped’ after taking each serving, and post workout I appeared fuller than ever before.

Been an all-in-on, it also has the added extra’s. Here’s a brief list of what it has to offer you;

-          HMB (proven to delay the breakdown of muscle protein and promote tissue growth)

-          BCAA (help build lean muscle and stop catabolism)

-          L-Glutamine (aids recovery)

-          Taurine (aids protein synthesis, can act as a cell volumiser)

-          Bioperine (help increase the absorption of nutrients)

-          Aminogen (as mentioned above)

-          Chromium (known to enhance the action of insulin and appears to be directly involved in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism)

-          MCT oil (healthy fats which can help decrease fat storage)

-          Creatine (Increase ATP levels and proven to help increase strength)

-          Andro-mx T (Male Support Stack – Help naturally elevate testosterone levels, and help aid in recovery)

All of the above are found in plentiful, effective doses. They are not just added with minimal amounts, to make the nutrient profile appear impressive, like so many other companies do. Each one benefits you in a different way, so you are getting a diverse spectrum of recovery and growth aids, ensuring maximum results from your workouts.

As well as an impressive nutrient profile, there are obviously other things you look at in order for you to make a choice between similar products, and this doesn’t fail on any of the other checks either!

Mix-ability – Mixed easy, no lumps at all. Nice and smooth, and goes down a treat!

Taste – I have tried both Chocolate and Strawberry, and they are B-E-A-Utiful! Can’t complain at all.

Digestion – I know this is a strange subject to rate a product on! But, some mass gainers lie heavy on your stomach, and leave you feel bloated etc… After a serving of Omni-mx Hardcore, I felt no such thing. Went down easy, with no bloat or feeling of it lying heavy on my stomach.

Effectiveness – Well, the results speak for themselves, 13lbs muscle gain in 12 weeks…. Coupled with good diet and a good training plan, you will reap the rewards of this product!

Price – Can’t complain with the price, it’s competitive and you get what you pay for! For the price it is, you can’t go wrong. Always first on my ‘basket’ when it comes to ordering supplements!

All in all, it is a great product, to which I would recommend to anyone looking for some serious gains!


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