October Q&A with Carly Thornton!

Carly Thornton is a USN sponsored athlete (to get your USn products please follow this link - https://monstersupplements.com/store/type_list-56-asc-long_name-lang-1.html) and you will have surely seen her in many of the fitness magazines in circulation. Known for her feminine curves and toned physique, Carly really defines what a 'feminine athletic' physique should look like. Fortunately for you, Carly has agree to become the FitMag 'Female Expert' where she will be able to advise all of our lady readers. However, this doesn't mean you guys cannot learn from Carly!

Carly, should I be doing cardio whilst I'm bulking? I get bored so easily of power walking all the time. Thank you! 

In my opinion I think its good to do some cardio work all year, as it helps maintain fat levels, helps with body conditioning and also can actually help with muscle growth.  Mix it up, there are so many cardio machines out there and they will all benefit different bodyparts...try interval training on the stepper or rowing, the trick is to keep your body guessing!
My imagination is poor so when it comes to making my meals taste good I really struggle. What can I do?

There are so many spices,herbs and vinegars..  I marinate alot of my food, be adventurous with your flavours, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring!

I find working my abs out really boring, sit-ups after sit-ups. Have you got any suggestions to make my abs workouts more interesting and productive?

The plank is one of the best core exercises! If you are weight training, you will be working your core all the time, so incorporate the plank, bar twists and the suction technique after a workout 1-2 times a week!

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