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Consider this! You flick your Ipod on and place the ear phones to your ear, you select the number 1 song which gets you going, you know the one where the beat, the lyrics and the sound effects just make your spine tingle. The volume is pumping at 100% capacity and your feeling amped and you smash your first working set. However, come the second set you don’t get that same rush of adrenaline as you did when you first listened to that song. Do you ever get this? Often I can barely hear what I am listening to (not because I am def you cheeky git) because I have listened to the same beat over and over, and like a drug the initial ‘hit’ has worn off.

As I sat there working through what was quite frankly a gruelling leg session I couldn’t help but get irritated by the fact no song could give me the ‘lift’ I needed to smash the stacked leg press for 30 repetitions! Then I realised it was because I was giving myself the full ‘dose’ of ‘drugs’ before I needed them. All the way through my workouts I was just listening to the most heart thumping, beat bumping tunes I could think of with the volume turned right up!

With this in mind I tried something a little different. Between my sets I had the volume at around 60% of the volume to keep my adrenaline gushing through my dilated veins, yet come set time I would pump the volume up to 100% and choose a really aggressive song. Before I deliver the verdict I must say words like ‘’bollocks’’, ‘’what a pile of crap’’ and ‘’LOL’’ would be running through my mind if I was reading this elsewhere. I’m not the type of guy to read TOO much into things like this. Yet on this occasion I must say the ‘’buzz’ was injected back into me and I felt really driven to smash my way through the set!

Another thing in which I really believe in is choosing music which has an instant connection with yourself, where you really feel electrified the moment the ‘’time counter’’ on your Ipod reads ‘’00:01 seconds.’’ Real hip hop is a great choice because of the aggressive tone and lyrics of the songs which by nature make you feel bad ass. Heavy metal is another common choice just because it has the ability to psyche you up!

Please don’t think I am saying music makes you GROW, what I am saying is that with the correct application it has the ability to make you train harder, there is absolutely no doubt about this! If you want proof, try training whilst S Club 7 or Boyzone are playing in the gym and see how long it takes you to get bored of being in the gym! The music which bounces around in your ear drums absolutely needs to make you feel on top of the world, totally focussed, aggressive and invincible!

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