MST Ragnarok Ultra with FREE Cre-O2

October got a lot better when we released this Millennium Sport Technologies stack just for you! MST are quickly growing to be one of the leading USA imported brands in the UK having delivered so many great products. So who does this MST stack suit?

Anybody who wants to train harder than ever before, enjoy increased strength, muscle size and stamina needs this MST stack now!

MST Ragnarok Ultra is a market leading pre-workout supplement. Any good pre-workout supplement should help elevate your energy levels, increase your focus and ultimately enable you to get those extra few repetitions! You will be glad to know that MST Ragnarok Ultra delivers on every level, in style. Something else which MST Ragnarok Ultra does, perhaps better than any other pre-workout supplement is deliver skin ripping muscle pumps!

How have MST achieved this? Ragnarok Ultra contains over a mind boggling 5,000mg of nitric oxide as well as 2,000mg of pharmaceutical grade beta-alanine. As a result Ragnarok Ultra helps prolong the onset of muscle fatigue, and with 3 different forms of Arginine you experience the massive muscle pumps we were talking about!

However, to take things to the next level you get MST Cre-O2 completely FREE! Have you ever used Creatine before? ''Yes'' is probably the answer. However you won't have experienced a Creatine like MST Cre-O2! This product was used by myself during the ''Adam Gethin's 12 week transformation'' series and I was genuinly blown away by the strength gains I experienced. Checkout the after photos below which shows how well it works!

So how does MST Cre-O2 work so well? MST have used a great blend of premium creatines, however there is a lot more to it. What MST did was focus on the delivery system, where they designed a very clever coating for each Cre-O2 tablet. Most people don't know that about 85% of Creatine you supplement is stopped in the stomach wall, yet Cre-O2 is different all because of this delivery matrix. This is how it works so well and I swear by it!

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