Maximuscle Cyclone 2.7KG with FREE ZMA

This October we have a great deal on Maximuscle products! This particular stack will benefit sports players in particular, as well as those of you who are looking to pack on some muscle mass! Read on and discover why Maximuscle Cyclone and Maximuscle ZMA can benefit you!

Maximuscle Cyclone is possibly the best all-in-one supplement on the market having won the 2007 'All-in-one power product.' For those of you who exercise regularly, whether it is rugby, football, martial arts, swimming, weight lifting or even running this product is ideal for you! Why?

The ingredient profile means that you have the highest quality protein and carbohydrates to promote full muscle recovery after intense exercise. Whatever the sport, it is vital you recover properly! Ingredients such as L-Glutamine and HMB are also present to further support your recovery. Maximuscle have also added Creatine to ensure that you as an athlete are able to maximise your ATP capacity. As a result, you should enjoy better muscular endurance, better strength and faster recovery!

With several great tasting flavours on offer what is there not to like?

Maximuscle ZMA is another perfect supplement to help support and promote your recovery and growth. ZMA is a multi-mineral supplement which contains an optimum blend of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Together these ingredients combine to significantly stimulate anabolism within the body, thus enabling your body to utilise protein more effectively.

Combined, Maximuscle Cyclone and Maximuscle ZMA are both ideal for anybody looking to gain muscle mass, increase their strenght, recover faster or just improve their overall performance on the pitch!

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