Ladies! Learn How To Tone Your Legs With Maija Kivela!

Attention! Learn to target your legs today!

Nicely built toned legs are every woman’s dream and to get them, you need to work hard. My dream is to compete in America and I have been watching lots of competitions and all the most successful bikini competitors have beautiful feminine legs. So now I concentrate on improving my lower body and perhaps next year I will be ready to go and try my luck in USA!

With that said, here is my leg training plan for the next 3 weeks!


Workout 1 in the morning: quads and glutes

Perform this Superset X 4

A1 Squat 8-10 rep (failure)

A2 walking lunges with dumbbells for 1minute (I am using 14kg dumbbells, but choose a weight that is challenging for you)

Leg extensions 3 X 10 repetitions

Bulgarian split squat 3 X 8-10 repetitions

Glutes isolation 3 X 8-10 repetitions each leg


Workout 2 in the evening: Hamstrings and calves

Romanian dead lift 4 X 8-10 repetitions

1-leged Romanian dead lift 2 X 8-10 repetitions

Unilateral hamstring curl 3 X 8-10 repetitions

Seated hamstring curl 2 X 8-10 repetitions

Seated calf raises 3 X 10 repetitions

Standing calf raises 3 X 10 repetitions

Legg press calf raises 2 X 10 repetitions

Normally I train my legs twice a week depending on my rate of recovery. Usually I work my lower body on Tuesday and if my legs are recovered by Saturday I will repeat the same workout. Therefore I am targeting my leg muscles twice a day, twice a week. In the past I have only trained my legs once a week but because I feel I want to improve them I opted to increase my leg workouts to twice a week. Remember, I only do the second workout IF my legs are fully recovered from Tuesday’s workout, because if they are not, and I still trained it would be counter productive!

Every three weeks I change my programme so in three weeks I will show you my new workouts and tell you about my progress!



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