FitMag Predicts The 2011 Mr. Olympia!

This weekend marks FitMag’s first ever Mr. Olympia so we wanted to give you our predictions! This weekend, in Las Vegas the freakiest physiques from around the world will grace the stage all with the intention of winning that Sandow Trophy, the most prestigious award in bodybuilding. Realistically, there are a handful of bodybuilders who are likely to win the 2011 Mr. Olympia which isn’t meant to take away anything from the rest of the field. Below FitMag lists the top 3 competitors in order as we try and tell the future of bodybuilding!

Third Place – Kai ‘Predator’ Greene


This is a very risky prediction and a very hard one to make. Photos of Kai, the man they call the ‘Predator’ 8 days from the O painted a picture of man who is hungry to WIN! Last year Kai placed seventh with what must be described as a very disappointing level of condition. Kai looked as though he was holding half of the ocean under his skin! Having moved his old coach, Oscar Ardon on and hired George Farah Kai improved dramatically as he showed us all in the New York Pro. Can he win this year? Sure! I just think the next two will pip him to the victory this year, but I am probably wrong!

Second Place – Jay Cutler

How many times have muscle journalists made this prediction only for Jay to prove them wrong? For a guy who has won 4 Sandows, and is the only one in history to lose it on stage and come back and win it, Jay is often the under dog! Some of his victories, namely the one where Victor Martinez placed second to Jay have been controversial but he has won nonetheless! Recent pictures have shown that Jay is on the money with a completely shredded look, yet I just don’t think even Jay will be able to prevent a certain guy win this year.

First Place – Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath

Phil’s rise to stardom among the IFBB Pro ranks has been incredible! It was only a few years back the guy was just a ‘future prospect’ and now he his arguably one of the most genetically gifted ever to grace the sport of bodybuilding! Placing a very close second last year to Jay, and with many feeling he deserved the win, I don’t see anybody stopping Phil beginning his assault on Ronnie Coleman’s 8 Sandow record come this weekend! This guys muscle mass is bonkers, his arms look bionic and his depth isn’t far off the same as a local famous landmark to the home of the Olympia, the Grand something!

These are the top 3, no doubt this year! However they could be in any order, it all depends how they dial themselves in! However, we shouldn’t completely discount the likes of Dexter ‘The Blade’ Jackson and Dennis Wolf.

Personally, my favourite class is the 202! It represents floorless conditioning, complete balance and endless thick muscle mass. This class was much needed with so many gifted athletes failing to dominate the open class simply because of their weight disadvantage. With this being the last 202 Mr. Olympia before it is increased to 212, there are going to be plenty gunning for top spot! Before we list the top 3, I must say David Henry who in my eyes has one of the most perfect physiques would be in the top 3, however he is on military duty forcing him to miss the show!

Third Place – Jose Raymond

Jose has a great physique with crazy conditioning and he is the 2011 New York Pro 202 champion. With a lot of people expecting Jose to do the business in Vegas this year, I have a different shout on it. For me, Flex Lewis deserved the win in New York without taking anything away from Jose. I just think there are others who will out punch Jose this weekend.

Second Place – Kevin English

English is the current 202 Mr. Olympia and you can be sure he is hungry to win again. The guy is a complete freak, packing as much muscle mass as the Michelin Man does rubber! Kevin does lack the flowing lines of some of his competitors, yet his freakiness and conditioning has made up for it in the past! This year, I think there is one guy who will knock English off the number one spot and will dominate this class for many years to come.

First Place – James ‘Flex’ Lewis

Flex is Welsh, I am Welsh. Yet this doesn't come close to making me alter my view. This is not a biased opinion and come the 18th I think you will see I am telling the truth. Flex is just a complete freak; he really does have it all! At the British GP he was by far the stand out athlete of the whole show; his ‘weak’ areas like his back and chest have come up so much. This dude carries masses of beef on his frame, his legs and glutes are rediculous, his arms are bursting with muscle fibres and would you look at his forearms, most could only dream of legs that size!!! Head to toe Flex oozes class, muscle mass, balance, symmetry and most of all CRAZY conditioning, courtesy of Neil Hill’s Y3T training and diet plans! For sure, I would love to see my friend win the Mr. Olympia, but more than that Flex is genuinely the man to beat in my eyes this year!

There you go; there are our predictions for the 2011 Mr. Olympia. The beautiful thing about bodybuilding is that anything can happen, but this is what we think WILL happen!

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