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After taking a little time off to allow my body to recover and to enable me to spend some quality time with my family I began my training and diet again. As you guys know I on a mission to add muscle but I want to stay lean as well. I find that the hardest part of any diet or training programme is the start. There is no routine, your body isn’t used to it, you’re not used to it and there are no results to encourage the continuation of your new routine! When I hit a mental block like this I often use several real life examples we all see to kick my arse into gear and get beyond the first 3 weeks. Today I will share these with you because I believe these points will touch most people!


Recently I have started watching a reality documentary following guys who are training to become soldiers and officers in the British Army. Do you know within 6 months of ‘’passing out’’ those guys could potentially be in Afghanistan?! So whilst we wake up, all warm and pampered 6 in the morning and complain because we have to get up and do cardio, these poor buggers don’t get sleep for hours, sometimes days, eat basic food and on top of that are fighting for their lives. What’s more, some of them get blown up or shot, resulting in their death or sever life long injuries. When you see the guys who have come home about 3 stone lighter because parts of their body are missing it really humbles you. Forever more they will have to put up with the fact that they can’t ever do ‘’cardio’’ like we do. Does this not make you feel bloody feeble? It should!!! Next time you decide your ‘’too tired’’ or ‘’can’t be bothered’’ just think of what these guys have to put up with, it should give you a boost!


This is a similar point to above with a broader take on reality. Most if not all of us know somebody who has died because they have suffered with illnesses they couldn’t avoid and did nothing cause them other than be born! This point always really touches me and makes me feel so thankful and enriched for having a completely healthy and functional body. So many of us take it for granted, and whilst we shouldn’t feel guilty for being healthy, we should appreciate it and make the most of it. Therefore, if you again find yourself lacking the ‘go’ then just spare a minute for all those who ‘would’ have the ‘go’ if their illness would allow them! Sadly many of these people will never get the opportunity, so make the most of your health! It is selfish and a waste not to!


The first two points are rather morbid and upsetting so I don’t want you leaving here feeling low. On a brighter note, when you feel as though your lacking the motivation to get up or train it pays to have someone you look up to. Pick somebody who has a physique which inspires you, a personality you like and a lifestyle which you can relate to. Often if someone idolises a pro of some nature they don’t follow their lead because the contrast between your lives, financially and in terms of spare time is so vast! By embracing somebody who you has a similar life i.e. job, family, studying, average pay then you fail to come up with an excuse for yourself. ‘’He gets up and does his cardio everyday, sometimes 2 hours earlier just to fit it, so I must as well!’’ This is the kind of thing you start telling yourself. Even have a picture of them on your phone so when you wake up you see them, posters, and whatever else! It is all about focussing on their determination and consistency and just COPYING it whatever the situation!

Form three very different but equally inspiring realities of our world I hope you can draw some much needed motivation from these points! Remember, when you think you are too tired, you have an ‘’acceptable’’ excuse there is someone with less time, less money, more commitments than you who are doing everything right! To be the best you have to do EVERYTHING because there are so many, what I call ‘’95 percenters’’ out there!!!


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