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It is imperative that your training partner can match your drive, enthusiasm and intensity in the gym! If they don’t they could potentially be one of your problems which is holding you back! Having said that, have you ever switched places and considered if you are a good ‘partner’. Although it may sound as though we are teetering dangerously on sounding like a corny ‘relationship advice’ site, our aim is to make you in to a better training partner. This will really take your workouts to the next level as well as your partners resulting in a much more mutual beneficial relationship. Now that is on a parallel to a relationship site, but you get the picture right?! Hopefully the right one!!! Trawl through our top 4 ways to be a better training partner.


Don’t just trundle down to the gym, casually stroll in to the gym and say ‘good day at work mate?’ as the opening sentence to your workout. Come on, show some desire and have your goals set out in black and white! If you and your training partner both want to add 20lbs of lean muscle on to your skeletons in the 24 months then you are going to be more driven to push one another. Every workout, review your goals before hand, refresh your memory and make sure you push your training partner down the right path!


Don’t be afraid to shout! Your mate isn’t going to think your picking on him like some low life school bully; he knows your just encouraging him. If I am bench pressing 140kg and as I reach my last rep I know which words I would rather hear, ‘come on mate you can do it’ or ‘LET’S GO, this is where the work happens, PUSH, don’t give up now you quitter!!!’ See the difference? Every workout I like to have people there who will literally shout at me, partly insult me and challenge me! If I train with someone who is ‘softly softly’ it isn’t long before I end up training with someone else. Like everything in life, you have to have the relevant mindset for the specific environment! Training intense only requires one mindset, and that is controlled aggression!!! Just for those who like to misinterpret, this doesn’t mean f****ng and blinding at someone for glancing at you! That mindset is called ‘being an arsehole!’!

Be Critical

I am the world’s number ONE and I mean number ONE person who HATES over critical and negative people. However, in this instance I am referring to constructive criticism of your training partner’s form. You are not there to kiss his or hers ass, you are there to offer feedback to enable them to get the very most from each and every workout! If their form is crap TELL THEM! Suggest they use a lighter weight with tighter form, if they don’t listen; maybe they are not the right training partner for you!?

Spot Them!

Know when they need a spot and when they don’t. So often, as I sit there with my headphones in I will witness someone spotting their mate on the bench press, getting a better back workout than their mate is getting a chest workout!!! Spotting literally requires a minimal level of input from you, it is just enough to keep the momentum up ONCE your partner has almost finished their set. If after 2 reps you are doing bent over rows to spot your mate it is too heavy. Tell them! Don’t say, ‘yes mate you did all 8 reps on your own’ when they barely did ONE! Pushing your training partner to failure and then helping them (very slightly) go beyond failure is one of the fastest ways to stimulate muscle growth. Check a dude named, urrrrr, Dorian something for proof of the benefits of forced reps!

To conclude I do hope you’re ‘in the gym’ relationship blossoms with your training partner. It is all about helping each other achieve your goals and pushing beyond failure when necessary. If you become a great training partner, the chances are your mate will do the same!



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