Andrew Waters becomes the Machine!

Written by Andrew Waters (AKA the Machine)

The purpose of this article is to deep dive into the world of a boy who wanted to be BIG. What I learned, how I felt and how the images we see every day sculpt the way we look at the world and ourselves.

In the beginning there was me. Andy waters. Slightly chubby never chiselled never happy! I grew up in norwich "A fine city" with my older brother, mum and weight training doorman stepdad. My mum was into big guys and I always looked up to them. Anyway, nostalgia out the window. I was never really happy with my body. I was smooth and big, not really massively fat, just not lean or ripped like the popular guys. I was on the other hand naturally strong and used it to my advantage.

I was about 14 when my school had a new gym fitted for public use in an attempt to raise extra revenue. We as students were now having weight training as P.E lessons and i was buzzing. I got in the gym and i was much stronger that the other kids. This was it the beginning of my addiction.

After a few after school sessions I joined my stepdad in his "spit and sawdust" style gym BODY TRONIC. Thats where I learnt correct form and technique. I was still unhappy with my body but I was bigger, faster and stronger. Obviously at this young age I didn't pay much attention to diet or supplementation. I did however pay alot of attention to how I looked and really wasn't happy. As I got older I got stronger but fatter. Training was on and off for the next few years and because of my post pubescent state I never really took it too seriously.

I started working in a garage in 2002 and had the name "BIG SAUSAGE". Dont look too much into the name. I was a tad under 17 stone and pretty out of shape. It was that summer I took my fiancee and son to Butlins for a holiday and when I got home I saw some of the pictures. I looked awful! I'd been convincing myself that I wasn't overweight for years because I trained. looking at this photograph made me realise if I didn't sort this out it was gonna get seriously out of control. Put it this way, I was regularly eating 20+oz steaks with all the trimmings and fried eggs on the side. Multiple whoppers in one meal and a days worth of food in snacks!

Not long after my epiphany I jumped back into training with a vengeance. I trained every evening with maximum intensity. showing my strength whenever possible thats where I got a new nickname "THE MACHINE" the name was to refer to the fact that I didn't stop, I wasn't massive but I wasn't quitting either.  I wanted to find out, for myself, how big can you get without PEDs. Is it really possible to look like the guys from magazines without them? I started to look at cleaning up my diet, discovered some foods that worked and focused my time on "old school" training techniques to maximise my results.

It was then, after an order or ten of "PhD Pharma whey" from monster supplements I got an Email Adam Campbell of monster supplements. He was advertising "". I was one of the first 10 members to join and I entered the body challenge 2010. This was the perfect platform for my experiment. I'd already lost a fair bit of weight but this challenge was what gave me the determination and knowledge to get closer to achieving my goal.

I lost 15kg during the comp and got quite lean. Though this was an achievement, the low carb diet I followed made me look like a zombie by the end of the 12 weeks and I soon lost all definition. I'd fallen into the  "yo yo" trap! like a male version of Kerry Katona. After reading a lot and learning more about training and nutrition I was able to start advising others on what can be achieved and sharing my experiences. To this day im still an active member of the forum and even won a challenge myself.

Heres a look at how I did it!


Believe it or not my diet plan that was followed during this transformation was as simple as it gets. its shown to produce fantastic results in a relatively short period of time.


Follow this easy first time fat loss plan to get the results I got in 12 weeks!

The first thing we need to understand is how our body uses food for energy. Your body uses carbohydrates for fuel. There are two main types of carbohydrate simple and complex. The less complex the carbohydrate the faster its used for energy or stored as fat. Examples of simple carbohydrates are white bread, chips, sugar, chocolate, sweets ect. Complex carbohydrates or (brown carbs) are brown bread, brown rice, veg, sweet potatoes ect. We're mostly interested in the brown carbs for this diet. Brown carbs release their energy slowly giving you more time to use them and less chance of them being stored as fat.

REMEMBER A calorie is not the devil. Its a unit of energy produced by food being burned by our bodies. Without them we would die. In order to BURN fat our body needs to be in calorie or (energy) deficit. Meaning your body has nothing to burn for energy. It then turns to its natural reserve FAT. Lecture over!

Ok here we go these are the rules
1, Eat six small meals a day.
(eating small amounts often increases your metabolism meaning your body will be more efficient digesting food)

2, Ensure each meal has no lees than 30g of protein.
( the protein will reduce the amount of muscle eaten by your body during fasting)

3, Carbohydrates only to be eaten After your workout and before 6pm.
(during the evening when your not active your body will not need the extra energy from carbs and will be more likely to store them as fat)

4, lots of green veg.
(during this cut you will be tired, angry and weak. You will need the vitamins)

5, no more than 200g of carbohydrates a day.                                                                                                                                                       (we are limiting the amount of carbohydrates to ensure there will be no spillover to store as fat)

6, Spend 4 hours a week in the gym 2 hours of it steady cardio (cross trainer)

7, Cheat once a week.
(to make sure you dont go stuffing yourself with rubbish use your cheat to enjoy a day off and relieve the pressure)
note...... one meal of the cheat day is whatever you want, the rest have to be carb rich. Make it the same day each week

8, ensure at least one meal contains good fats. (oily fish /nuts )

9, drink 3 litres of water a day.

Breakfast Brown Carbspage1image27920.png low carb veg Proteins Snacks
page1image33816.pngWheatabix Brown bread page1image35640.png page1image36064.pngAsparagus page1image37168.pngTurkey (breast)
page1image39560.pngMusili page1image41208.pngWholemeal pasta page1image42360.pngBroccoli page1image44240.pngChicken (breast) page1image45720.pngCashews
page1image47288.pngWholemeal toast page1image48976.pngWholegrain rice page1image50128.pngkale page1image52008.pngSteak page1image53448.pngAlmonds
page1image55016.pngEggs page1image56664.pngSweet potatoes page1image57816.pngspinach page1image59696.pngEggs page1image61136.pngDiet protein bars
page1image62784.pngfish page1image64432.pngQuinoa page1image65544.pngcabbage page1image67424.pngTuna page1image68864.png
steak page1image72496.pnghummous Green beans Mackerel



day one - shoulders and legs,

squats, calf raises, weighted lunges, leg press, leg extensions,

front raises, side raises, seated dumbbell shoulder press, arnold press, upright row.


day two - back biceps and forearms,

Rack pulls, lat pulldown, T-bar rows, close grip pulldown, straight arm pushdown.

EZ bar curls, concentration curls, hammer curls, reverse grip EZ bar curls, barbell hanging wrist curls.


 day three - chest and triceps.

Flat bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, cable flys, cable scoops, close grip bench press, dips, triceps pushdown bar, triceps pushdown rope,


Post workout cardio consisted of 30-50 mins on cross trainer.


over the next few months I'm aiming to look at a series of recipes that I love to eat and fit perfectly with my diet rules. they also have both a bulking and cutting option. Watch out for

"Eating like a machine" on FITMAG

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