Andre Martins - Missing a Meal is Not An Option!

Straight out of the school of ''dedicated no matter what'' Andre Martins shares with you his top tips on staying on track no matter what. Andre has faced some seriously massive obstacles yet he has not allowed any of them to miss a meal! Read his story as he aims to inspire you to do the same!

I would like to start this article with this quote that many may have heard about.

“The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!”

Why I think this quote has all to do about today’s topic? Well I will explain it as I write.

There is a frequent question I get in the gym that I am asked by some of my working colleagues. That is ‘’how are you so disciplined with your diet and training?’’, so I ask how come you guys do not do the same?  Then the answer is always the same, ‘’I do not have time’’ or ‘’It is just too difficult.’’ Well this then turns into more questions but this time asked by me and as you read this answer them as well.

The questions are as follows: Do you have a kitchen, a freezer, fridge, microwave, oven, and a sink to clean your dishes? Well I bet most of you said yes to all of these, but in my case I will say NO! The only thing I said ye to was a fridge which is a mini bar. So then another famous question comes how do you do it then and how do you eat it? Well I eat all my foods and I mean all my foods cold and out of a Tupperware container and I Control my Environment and do NOT let myself be controlled by it.

First of all I am studying hotel management so I am currently in an internship for a brand that many may know about, Sheraton a 5 star hotel, and I live in one of their bedrooms. So I do not have a kitchen the only thing I get is a mini bar fridge. What do I do to work with this set up? I bought 2 hot plates before coming here and as soon as I arrived I bought 2 pans. So by now you must have guessed I cook in the room, but not inside! I cook on the small terrace we have.

Here are some pictures which illustrate what I am saying and to show I am not lying:

I cook ALL of my food with this simple piece of hit! For example, what I always have for breakfast is 9 egg whites with 1 cup of oats and a teaspoon of chocolate powder.

So what I do not understand is how people can tell me that they cannot achieve their goals whether it is to lose weight or gain muscle because they do not have the time for it. What I say is people do not prepare and cannot control their environment!

A lot of people generally work 8 to 10 hours a day whereas my schedule is not that easy! I work from 6PM to 2AM and it is in a bar so there is always the invitation to drink something or try this or that. My answer is always NO why? Because this will set me back from my goals!

So for me to cook I will shop on a Monday. Most of my weeks’ worth of food is rice, pineapple, chicken or minced red meat, and a LOT of canned tuna and turkey ham. I buy it very thick so it looks as if I am eating a turkey breast. To finish off I also buy egg whites and oatmeal. This is all I eat in a week.

Then I will cook sparingly every 3 days. One day I will do 3 pancakes for breakfast and 1 kg of rice which will last for 3 days along with 500g of chicken which lasts for 2 days. Therefore this makes me have to cook something new every 3 days! It is not an easy task but this is where the quote I first started with comes in that is ‘’life is hitting me hard’’ with all these adversities but I am hitting as hard as I can and I keep on pushing towards my goals so I can say that in 3 months of doing this I have put on 10 kilos of very lean muscle by eating clean, discipline, determination, motivation and above all Controlling my biggest adversity the Environment that I am in. It would be easier for me to go to the hotels staff buffet and eat there but the foods would not help me achieve my goal as they do not suite my needs. It would also be easier for me to grab a Snickers bar instead of preparing a protein shake with some oats.

All of this leads me to my conclusion that if I can do it and achieve my goals with everything against me how come you guys that are reading this with all the facilities that I do not have cannot?

My tip is to choose a day that you’re not working or a time where you have 2-3 hours without anything to do and cook all your meals for the week. Then freeze most of these in cool bags or Tupperware containers. This is something I cannot do so I have to cook way more times than most people!

I am not saying you shouldn’t enjoy a freshly made meal with your family or friends in the week, just make sure that the food supports your short and long term goals. At the same time you can teach your family and friends how to control their environment and improve their health and physique!

Then again referring to the quote I posted in the beginning of this, ‘’Life is not easy and it won’t always provide you with the things you need to follow a diet or training regimen but if you make sure you fight against what is thrown at you then you will succeed and reach your goals.’’

Hope you enjoyed the read and my personal story and how I have to control my environment in order to achieve my goals and I hope I inspired everyone to do the same! Use some of my tips which are too:

. Shop smart and buy things that will last

 . Buy all your needed foods for the week

. Prepare most of them in advance

 These for me are the most important. By being prepared you will succeed!


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