The 'Gift' Claims The Mr Olympia Title!

This weekend marked the most prestigious show in the world of bodybuilding. The Mr Olympia weekend went down with a bang as we saw a new era begin. From right to left the stage in Vegas was decorated with physiques which are allegedly humans, although the size of these guys appeared to be more fitting to something like ‘invasion of the apes’!

On Friday FitMag predicted the results for both the open class and the 202 class. If ever there was a testament to our knowledge of this sport and industry it was the fact we got the top 3 bang on with the open class.

Third Place –Kai Greene

Kai came in dry as a mouth full of salt and sand, he was absolutely shredded! This was a much improved look compared to last year where Kai finished 7th due to an insane level of water retention. Personally, before and after the show I feel as though Kai deserved second, however with the sport being political as we know it you won’t see the current Mr Olympia (Jay Cutler) dethroned AND placed below second too often. Next year I think Kai will be second, and he certainly has the potential to challenge for first place with his freaky mass and conditioning.

Second Place – Jay cutler

The current reigning Mr Olympia walked on stage with as much mass as ever and Jay was in condition too. Leading up to this show there were many rumours Jay was in the shape of his life and he wasn’t far off from where I was sitting. The only real issue was Jay seemed to be carrying a sever muscle tear in the left bicep which was heavily bruised. This didn’t help Jay’s case however I think that Jay brought his best; it just wasn’t good enough for the ‘Gift’!

First Place – Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath

Phil Heath was always going to be Mr Olympia one day, the guy is a genetic freak and in the last few years we have witnessed him add serious MASS year on year. With muscle bellies as full as an overcrowded house Phil looked CRAZY, and his conditioning wasn’t too shabby either! At 31 years old I genuinely believe Phil has the potential to challenge for the record 8 Sandow trophies.

To conclude on the open class, it was judged as fairly as it could have been. In my opinion Jay will probably retire now, the guy is still a top competitor but now I think Phil has pulled too far ahead and he has too much time on his hands to improve, as where it is quite the opposite for Jay. Apart from the winner, another athlete which really caught my eye was Brandon Curry. For the foreseeable future I don’t see anyone who is likely to really take over Phil Heath, apart from Brandon. Whilst he placed eighth it was his debut and the dude is still under 30! Give Brandon 2 years and I genuinely think we could have a huge fight on our hands between him and Phil for the Sandow!

The 202 class didn’t go quite the way we had predicted. However, we still stand by our predictions based on the athlete’s presentations!

Third Place – Jose Raymond

We had Jose in third and we were right! The guy packs some serious muscle and has crazy conditioning which is always a deadly combination for his opponents. Having won the New York Pro, Jose was on a roll yet he didn’t bring enough to place higher than third.

Second Place – Flex Lewis

Flex was our winner when we laid down our predictions and he still is in our eyes. When Flex hit the stage everyone was like ‘WOW’ because he was looking even bigger, even harder, even more striated and even more freakier than his last winning appearance at the British GP. Flex and his trainer and nutritionist, Neil Hill, really had nailed it! Yet he was placed second to the reigning 202 Mr Olympia.

First Place – Kevin English

Kevin has a freaky physique; he carries a lot of muscle on his frame. When English hit the stage he looked full and he was in shape but next to Flex he just didn’t ‘have it’ from where I was sitting. Flex had him on the rear double bicep shots; Flex had him on the latt spread and from the front as well. Kevin has a more developed chest that Flex but that it is, Flex really did take it to Kevin, head to toe, and in my eyes had the job done. Once Flex wins his first, what will now be the 212 Mr Olympia I believe he will dominate the class for a long time!

So we got most of the results in the right order. Overall, the show was an incredible event, the athletes really brought it to the stage and with Phil beginning his assault on Coleman’s 8 Sandow record, Flex showing he is the future boss of the 212s and Brandon Curry showing he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future we have exciting times ahead!

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