Adam Gethin's Tip of the Week!

As I sit and watch people train I pick up on several common themes, some of which are mistakes. This week I wanted to talk about one of the most common issues I see when people train, and how you can avoid!

Total Muscle Contraction

Whenever you perform a repetition, I want you to imagine from one end of the repetition to the other is a journey. Every inch of movement throughout the journey is key in stimulating muscle growth. If you simply aim to move the resistance from A to B not focussing on the whole repetition, you will miss the entire point of lifting the weight.

As you lift the weight focus on contracting and flexing the target muscle and as you reach the 'climax' of the repetition, squeeze the muscle very hard! This will really help stimulate the target muscle, maximising your potential to develop new muscle tissue.

There you, now go and use this 'tip of the week!'

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