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As you guys know nutrition is the single most important aspect of ANY athlete's lifestyle. Without the right nutrition plan you may as well give up! Having said that, it can sometimes be hard when you are constantly eating bland and boring foods. This is exactly why we are going to give you a 'recipe of the week' to add some flavour to your life!

This week we will start with a breakfast recipe which will have you bouncing around with excitement at the prospect of getting out of bed!

Protein Pancakes

60g oats

2 scoops of Vanilla protein (Gaspari Intrapro or PhD Whey HT+)



25g chopped almonds

1/2 banana

1/2 glass of water

Blend these ingredients into a batter like consistency. Use a ladle to scoop small pancake portions on to a sizzling hot frying pan, using extra virgin olive oil 1 cal spray! Once the pancakes are cooked add a handful of fresh blueberries. This really adds a beautiful flavour and a great texture to the pancakes!

Whether your goal is muscle mass or fat loss this recipe is perfect as a breakfast for you! After you enjoy this recipe you will understand living the high life as an athlete doesn't have to taste boring! Enjoy!

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