Adam Gethin's Mass Attack!

As my trainer soles dance across the tarmac lanes which snake through the Welsh country side I cant help but notice the beautiful orange tints on the tips of the leaves, the slightly cooler breeze which is waiting to chill your nose every time you walk past a gateway and of course the occasional shower. For most of Britain this spells a time where maybe a new coat is on the agenda, stocking up on fire wood and higher electricity bills.

For us lot it spells the time of year where our ‘basket’ on indicates a rather different story to 4 months ago, with formulas designed to pack on size and mass! Our shopping bill also gives the same story with a much longer carbohydrate column no doubt! Many of you will have seen my post-12 week transformation photos, and you may have also hear I have decided to put the Abs in storage in my quest to hunt down a few more much needed pounds of muscle mass! Don’t panic, they will be back in the New Year, but instead of constantly checking to see if my 6 pack is still poking out I am more focussed on adding depth to my upper chest, thickness to my back, width to my delts and inches to my thighs and arms. This got me thinking, what will I be eating? For so long I have eaten clean, even when I am not ‘dieting’ I will only have one junk meal. Long story short, when I was 18 I really went for it, taking CNP Pro-Mass 3 times a day, with one serving deliberately before bed and protein and carbohydrate bars between meals. Looking back I even remember adding CNP Pro-Fuel to my Pro-Mass for extra calories, crazy! Well this worked and I did grow. Whilst I am not naïve to the fact I was 18, therefore I had a lot of growing to do and my body was more open to the idea, I have decided to experiment with a similar approach.

Force Feeding

It would take you no longer than 24 hours in my company to realise I have a huge appetite, I can really eat!!! Whenever I increase my food intake for muscle’s sake I tend to suffer from a suppressed appetite, so it quickly becomes a case of ‘force feeding’ myself. After the first two weeks this will get easier as my metabolism gets used to the increase in food therefore I will probably look to add another cheeky snack in there somewhere. Everyone is different and everyone has different experiences with food, however the following diet isn’t what I would advocate as a ‘typical’ mass gaining diet. It is for hard gainers, and I feel I am a hard gainer in one sense which is why I have opted to follow the diet of a starved Lion with worms!

Breakfast – 8 egg whites, 1 eggs, 60g oats, 140g pineapple, 2 tablespoons of yoghurt, 2 slices brown toast with ½ sliced banana with some crunchy peanut butter.

Mid Morning – 200g chicken breast, ½ sachet brown rice, chopped tomatoes, greens and a PhD Growth Factor 50 Brownie.

Lunch – 200g chicken breast, ½ sachet brown rice, chopped tomatoes, greens and an oat bar.

Mid Afternoon – CNP Pro-Mass, 3 Wheetabix.

Pre-workout – PhD V-Max Pump, MST Cre-O2, Reflex L-Glutamine.

Post-Workout – CNP Pro-Recover and Reflex L-Glutamine.

Supper – 150g minced beef, 2 eggs, 300g baked potato, greens, oat bar.

Late Night – 2 slices brown bread, ½ banana, peanut butter.

Before Bed – Gaspari Myofusion and handful of nuts.

This diet isn’t for the faint hearted and you would be forgiven for thinking I am going to get super fat. Maybe I will but I don’t think so because knowing my body it has a point where the metabolism reaches, preventing me from getting any fatter. As you can see I am effectively doubling up on my carbs which I feel will benefit me when I come to diet next year considering my metabolism should be moving at a speed which would make Usain Bolt look like a Granny with Glue on her soles.

Remember, I am going to be absolutely smashing every gym session, this isn’t a case of training, this is a case of training heavier and harder each week! Between meals, to give myself extra muscle building nutrients I am going to be using CNP Pro-Mass between come of my meals. This is what I did when I started and it worked, as I said, I am curious to see if I can put another 6-15lbs before next February. With such a huge intake of nutrients I am going to want to maximise my ability to assimilate them, therefore I am also considering a Anabolic Designs Granite Mass Stack and Ravenous, this stuff has taken the market by storm all over the world! Combined with my MST Cre-O2, CNP Pro-Mass and PhD V-Max Pump it sounds like a growing recipe to me!

To get any of the supplements I am using on my 'Mass Attack' phase just follow the below links to the relevant pictures. Next year I will be bigger when I am ripped, will you?









No need for before pictures, you have seen them! However, come the New Year I should be looking a lot fuller in areas, lets just hope when I peel away the dodgy ‘wall paper’ next summer I look better for it!

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