Adam Gethin Reaches The Finish Line. . . .Just!

Finally, the 12 week transformation reached its climax! Sometimes I felt as though it would never finish. Maybe it is because it is the first public transformation I have done and I wanted to silence any doubters. Whether I have successfully achieved this or not is down to your own perception of a ‘beach body’ however I will say from the feedback I have received so far I think on the whole it was a major success. My love handles vanished; the rolls of flesh which lined my lower back have now unveiled my ‘Christmas tree’ and my abs are as noticeable as my hair!!! What does this all mean?

Let’s go back from the beginning. Back in March this year when I signed with I couldn’t really believe what was happening. Weeks before the initial contact I was having a casual conversation with my better half about how I felt this very company could benefit from an online resource. Forward a couple of weeks and I find myself discussing the same thing with Mark, the MD of! As we spoke for longer it became apparent to me it was Mark’s intention to give back to Monster’s customers and provide them with an online service which would enable them to learn and in the long run achieve much better results. The big question was could I deliver? Personally I felt I could, not because I am cocky but because I am confident and I believed I knew what was needed. The reason I feel I know what was needed is because it was only 5 years ago when I started out in what has got to be one of the HARDEST sports to grasp with SO MANY different theories floating around. It can be likened to shopping in a Moroccan market with every trader telling you he or she has the ‘’VERY BEST’’ on offer, yet you understand Moroccan merchandise about as well as the native language! Learning about nutrition, training and the REAL benefits of supplementation can be hard and daunting for somebody who simply hits Google, and I felt I could relate to this and deliver something which would make it that much easier. With this all being said I had ‘talked the talk’ and now it was time to ‘walk the walk’! FitMag was born.

Almost instinctively, Mark and I decided I had to film a 12 week transformation simply to prove to our customers I was somebody who could give them accurate information. It was also to show that when I introduced another writer to the team, I had the ability to ascertain as to whether they new their arse from their elbow so to speak! Honestly, was I nervous? HELL YE!!! Who wouldn’t be with 100s of thousands of people seeing you looking fat (and looking pasty, but I am Welsh so I can’t help that), and expecting you to look like the love child of Arnie and Hulk with a sprinkling of a Greek God in 12 short weeks. To add to that some people recognise the name and instantly compare me to my BIGGER and older cousin, Kris Gethin. That can be difficult when you look at the guy, he is a God and as far as I know God doesn’t have any superiors so topping that is always going to be hard! Enough said, it was time to formulate a plot with none other than the genius himself Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill! For the next 12 weeks I would train with Neil every week, following a Y3T plan and eat what I was told.

Cardio was a real effort initially; I don’t do cardio off-season because I am the type of guy who NEEDS a goal to give something my all. The 12 week transformation was an ideal way to do this, failure was not an option. The cardio route I do has some steep hills, and at 210lbs I was puffing like the wicked wolf!!! If I never clutched a dumbbell in my life I would probably be 11 stone as a natural weight, so 4 stone extra feels quite a lot. It was at this very point I decided now is the perfect time to commit myself to this ‘lifestyle’ because up until now I had probably only ever trained 6 months of the year during the last 5 years. I said to myself ‘to really inspire people and make it in this industry I am going to have to stop taking time out and make a commitment’ and that is what I did!

The weight training came easier because I am more used to this although I had taken some time off before this transformation. However, when week 3 came around the high reps weren’t kind to my body and I really felt beaten up. At the very same time I felt awesome, I felt I was back in the game and it was already coming together.

With my diet I was robotic, I would eat at the same time, what I had to eat, eat nothing I shouldn’t and I can genuinely say I never missed a meal or ate crap. However, the first couple of weeks it was a REAL struggle getting all the meals down. The days would fly by and I would think ‘man is it really time to eat again’ and I have a huge appetite so that gives an indication of how much I was eating, to get lean remember! Neil told me this would be the case and that under no circumstances was I to not finish a meal, ‘just get it down, no excuses Adam’ were the instructions Yoda gave me. To me this was the REAL reason as to why I achieved such a drastic transformation, ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘missing a meal puts you back 7 days’ were two phrases mentally drilled into the depths of my brain by Kris 5 years ago. To compare below is my first week diet and last week diet, quite the contrast!!!

Week 1 –

Cardio – Reflex L-Carnitine, Anabolic Designs Shredabull, PhD BCAAs, Coffee.

Meal 1 – 60g oats, 50g fruit, ½ banana, 8 egg whites, 1 egg, 1 scoop of Myofusion

USN Multiplex Sport, USN CLA Thermo, Anabolic Designs LiverMilk

Meal 2 – 200g fish, ½ sachet brown rice, broccoli.

Meal 3 – 180g chicken breast, ½ sachet brown rice, broccoli.

Reflex L-Carnitine, Anabolic Designs Shredabull, Anabolic Designs LiverMilk, USN CLA Thermo

Meal 4 – 180g chicken, sweet potato, broccoli.

Pre-workout MST-Cre O2, PhD V-Max Pump, PhD BCAAs, 1 scoop of Myofusion, Anabolic Designs, Shredabull

Post-workout PhD BCAAs, CNP Pro-Recover

Meal 5 – 200g steak, 300g baked potato, broccoli, carrots, peas.

Reflex L-carnitine, USN CLA Thermo and Anabolic Designs LiverMilk

Meal 6 – 2 scoops of Myofusion

Week 11 –

Cardio – Reflex L-Carnitine, Anabolic Designs Shredabull, PhD BCAAs, Coffee.

Meal 1 – 2 slices brown toast, ½ banana, 2 scoops of Gaspari Intrapro, 1 scoop of Gaspari Myofusion.

Anabolic Designs LiverMilk, USN Thermo CLA, USN Multiplex Sport

Meal 2 – 200g Salmon, broccoli.

Meal 3 – 200g sirloin steak, broccoli.

Anabolic Designs Shredabull, Anabolic Designs LiverMilk, USN CLA Thermo, Reflex L-Carnitine.

Meal 4 – 200g Salmon, Broccoli.

Pre-workout – PhD V-Max Pump, Anabolic Designs Shredabull, PhD BCAAs.

Post-workout – CNP Pro-Recover, PhD BCAAs.

Meal 5 – 200g steak, 1 whole egg, broccoli.

USN CLA Thermo, Anabolic Designs LiverMilk, Reflex L-carnitine

Meal 6 – 2 scoops of Myofusion, 1 scoop of Intrapro.

My supplementation plan was vast and I remember the boxes from arriving, it looked like I had gone into business wholesaling! As I trawled through the boxes I picked out my MST Cre-O2, PhD V-Max Pump, USN CLA Thermo, Anabolic Designs Shredabull, Anabolic Designs LiverMilk, Gaspari Myofusion, Gaspari Intrapro USN Multiplex Sport Vitamin & Mineral Complex, Reflex L-Carnitine, CNP Pro-Recover, Reflex L-Glutamine, Udo's Ultimuate Oil Blend and my PhD BCAAs. Sure, many people thought I was just plugging supplements for supplement sales sake which was certainly not the case! If I was then I could have added another 10 supplements to this list. These were the supplements we decided I needed and the pictures show the proof is in the pudding, they worked! What people fail to see is that supplements work very well with a perfect diet and training plan. If either of those things aren’t in place, particularly the diet then forget it!!! Supplements wont do jack and it isn’t their fault, it’s yours because they are what their name suggests, a ‘supplement’ to a diet. Without this stack I would have really struggled guys and by now you know I don’t promote things I don’t believe in because on more than one occasion I have openly told you to avoid X, Y or Z with certain supplements. For sure, you can achieve great results without such a comprehensive stack, yet I would say get as close to it as possible. For those of you who are on a tight budget and want to know the most important 3, that’s a hard question to answer, however I would have to say Gaspari Myofusion, Anabolic Designs Shredabull and PhD V-Max Pump, probably!
















As the transformation came to an end the final couple of weeks were testing times. My family were down on holiday and BBQs, Sunday roasts fit for a King, desserts which looked like they were straight out of James Martin’s kitchen and other wonderful foods were dotted about the place. I even sat with them at the table eating my chicken, rice and veg whilst they were gauging themselves on this stuff! This shows just how blessed they all are to have such a nice guy in the family. Just kidding, but in all seriousness I wouldn’t recommend you do this because at the time I probably would have picked prison over sitting in front of all that food! And when my 4 year old nephew who I idolise offered me one of his cherished Galaxy Buttons only to be turned down, he gave me that kind of look as if to say ‘Uncle Bugs (that’s my name, cool I know!) why don’t you want to share my chocolate?’ You know, that puppy eyed look which makes you feel bad but I’m sure in 14 years time when he is curling a set of 20s he will understand!!!

Two days before we actually shot the pictures I had to tan up which was hilarious, Sophie and Neil couldn’t stop laughing at me as I stood there half pasty and half Jamaican! I must admit, shaving my body is something I never envisaged doing either, but now I am getting used to it!!! For the next two days after Neil had showed her the way, Sophie would tan me up twice a day (Lucky girl, that’s what your thinking right?!) to ensure the coat was even and gave a true reflection of all my hard work and sacrifice. At the same time we pulled my water right back from 6 or 7 litres a day to just 3 litres and Neil had me eat a lot of asparagus. Soph went out to get me it from the local ‘City’ (smallest city in the UK, about the size of your local Tesco, St. David’s, check it out!) and bought all of the asparagus the local veg shop had to offer!!! Why didn’t I go? I’m not some old fashioned sexist ape but when I was in Tesco after my first coating of tan I suffered a few ‘funny’ looks to say the least so I declined the offer to join here, this is the place I went to school after all! Back to the point, personally I love asparagus but after this I think I am quite happy to wait until next summer before I chomp on another stalk of that stuff!!!

Photo time, the sun was blazing and I felt amazing! All day I ate like a champ, salmon fillet, sirloin steak and a lot of carbs to really load up my muscles which were looking so deflated! With each snap I would ask to see the image before Soph had a chance to put the Canon down. Until I saw the first few shots I was terrified I was going to look flat, undefined or just small. However I prevailed and I looked like a machine, I mean check out that latt spread!!! Just kidding, again, but in all seriousness I was delighted and I felt I had earned my cheat meal. What did I eat? MacDonald’s was the closest place so I had a large Mcchicken sandwhich meal, 2 Cheeseburgers, 20 Mcnuggets, Cheese dippers and 500ml Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough from Tesco. My mind was saying ‘EEEEEATTT!!!!’ whilst my stomach was saying ‘WHAT THE HELL is all this food??!!’ I was in pain man, but it tasted so good. Not for a minute do I recommend doing this, but as you all know I LOVE the junk food and have you seen that guy on ‘Man Vs Food’? He wouldn’t get close to me!!! Below, my before and after pictures!!!

For BIGGER pictures please go to !

OK enough clowning about, what is next? For me I have to improve areas of my physique. I’m my own worst critique but my chest is awful and my overall size needs to come up. The one body part I really am pleased with is my back so it just needs to keep growing. Next year when you see my after shots my abdominals will be better developed, my upper chest will be fuller, my arms will be bigger, my delts will be wider and more capped and my legs will be bigger around. What more can I say?

It is a total honour to be with and I feel as though I am doing what I was born to do, inspire others and help others achieve their goals. From a young age I was blessed to mix with the good and the great of the sport, I learned off them, so now you can learn off me!

My plans are to remain with for as long as they will have me because I feel this is the place to be in order to reach hundreds of thousands of people, and to inspire them to achieve a healthier lifestyle as well as their physical goals.

On a personal note I would like to thank Mark Bowering for giving me this huge opportunity and believing in me, I would like to thank Neil Hill for helping me and being there for me, Sophie for putting up with me, helping get my food in and supporting me. My family for putting up with the continuous cooking and another member of the family, Kris, for inspiring me to be where I am today! Without Kris I wouldn’t have got here because he showed me the way at 16. Oh ye, and of course you guys, the people who enable us to help you by supporting this awesome company! THANK YOU ALL!

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