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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Today I am joined by rising star David Young. Dave has achieved unparalleled success this year in junior bodybuilding by winning the NABBA north east championships, before going on to win the NABBA junior Mr Britain in only his second year of competing. He is competing in the NABBA Mr. Universe competition on October 28th and is expected to do very well. He has kindly agreed to take some time to talk to us today.


Hi Dave, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. The first thing I would really like to know is how you got into bodybuilding. Did you always know you wanted to compete or did you start training for other reasons?


Hi Adam, thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer some questions. Hopefully I can offer some help along the way to people reading the article. I got into bodybuilding at the age of 16. I used to play football to a high standard and ended up getting injured whilst training one week. I had many physiotherapy sessions on my injury and ended up starting a rehabilitation in a local gym close by. I was using a lot of machines and bodyweight exercises to strengthen the area but became very bored just lifting these light weights. I was on the leg extension machine and I took a glance over to the free weights area where all the guys were throwing heavy weights around and some were really going for it. I decided I wanted to do that as a hobby, seeing as my career in football was going nowhere. I always had good genetics from a young age with my broad shoulders and thick legs so I knew that I could do well. From then on I went home and read every book, every forum and listened to everyone that knew anything about the sport. Originally I took it up as a hobby, but eventually I was approached by a local guy who competed called Paul Lock (owner of NAR products). He convinced me I could do well and well the rest is history…


That’s great how something good can come out of a bad situation. Becoming injured isn’t the end of the world for athletes then. Maybe it’s the start of something new. What were your feelings before your first competition? Any advice you can give to juniors who are looking to start competing?


I was obviously nervous and didn’t really know what to do or were to go, I was one of the annoying juniors who asked guys were to go and what to do. I also didn’t want to forget my routine and was really scared of looking an idiot on stage. I would say the best advice I can give would be to go to shows and experience them for yourself, find out were to go and what goes on when. This will put you in a good situation to begin with. I would also say never neglect your posing routine, make sure you can do it with your eyes closed and get advice on how to pose from someone that’s been there and do it.


What do you feel it is that gave you your success this year? Obviously there is a lot that goes into stepping on stage but what do you feel is your major strong point that sets you apart from the competition?


My success really was simple for this year. I learnt from my mistakes last year and made sure history never repeated itself. I made sure I came in bigger, leaner and harder. The main thing however that probably set me apart from the others was my off season training. After coming 2nd in my first show and 8th in the finals I was, well, gutted. I hate losing, I cant stand to be second best. So as soon as I got back I had a deserved break from my diet and for 7 months, trained and dieted really hard. I ended up going back on stage over 16lbs heavier this year and I was leaner.


WOW, 16lbs is a lot of lean muscle to gain. The main thing I noticed about you on stage is that your conditioning just seemed so much tighter than the other guys. It was really impressive. To achieve this awesome conditioning what sort of contest prep do you undergo? What diets have worked best for you?


Well I have really done every diet in the book to find out what works best for me. I am quite carb sensitive so I felt that I didn’t need carbs in my diet, or that they weren’t important but I was extremely wrong. Carbs are a must, not just for energy (as its draining as it is) but to hold onto and maintain the muscle fullness. I have followed a keto diet which didn’t work, and I would never recommend to anyone. My contest prep is a simple high protein, moderate carbs and moderate fats. As the contest comes closer my carbs drop weekly and fats will increase slightly if needed, but these changes only happen if I aren’t responding to my diet and fat isn’t coming off. I also do cardio closer to the show, at a moderate pace. Again length of time is dependent on how I respond. I would also keep cardio as low as possible, and change my diet up first before resorting to cardio. This way your body isn’t in a catabolic state more than it needs to be, and you hold on to more muscle.


You have recently started working for I know the monster customers can benefit from your expertise with the advice you give. Do you personally use the supplements that you sell? What are your favourite supplements?


That’s correct. I am shop manager and supervisor and pride myself of product knowledge and advice. Monstersupplements are a sponsor of mine and all my products that I use are sold by the company. I would never endorse a company and not use there products. At the moment my favourite supplements are:


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So the next step for you is the junior universe. We are all hoping to see you do very well obviously. What are your plans for after the competition? Are you going to be competing next year or taking some time out to gain mass?


Thanks for that. After the competition I am taking a full year out for an off season. I will be entering the open class next (all ages) so will be up against some big guys who have been training years. The aim is to put a lot of mass on, while keeping bodyfat below 16% and then ill see how I respond. If my off season goes well, you could see me up on stage in 2013 if not ill leave it another year and compete in 2014. All will be down to how I do, and of course my prep coach will have his say.


Thank you very much for your time Dave. On behalf of fitmag we wish you the best of luck for the Mr. Universe competition.


You can see Dave at:

NABBA MR Universe

Sat 29th October

Southport Theatre/floral hall

9am – 11pm

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