5 Testosterone Boosting Foods!

For us guys, maximising the effects of our anabolic hormones is the name of the game! The main hormone in question is of course testosterone! This word may even feature more times than ‘’protein’’ in muscle magazines. There is a good reason for this, because without it we would not be very good at building any muscle! Sure, there are some staggering natural supplements you can buy to get your blood bubbling with the ‘good stuff’ but it starts with what’s on your plate! Here are 5 MUST have testosterone boosting foods!


As you know, beef is one of the most abundant protein sources available to humans! However, it also contains Zinc, Magnesium and Iron which are also all fantastic testosterone boosting ingredients. The saturated fat in lean beef also promotes testosterone synthesis, making it an extremely anabolic food. If you have not been utilising beef as a staple in your diet, make the change today and reap the rewards tomorrow! Use beef as your evening meal for best results!


Eggs are perhaps the most anabolic food available to us! In the yolk you will find that there is a lot of ‘good’ cholesterol better described as 'unadulterated cholesterol’ which is a primary building block for testosterone! Therefore you need to shoot for 3 whole eggs a day, don’t worry about the saturated fat from 3 whole eggs because this will also support testosterone production yet it isn’t significant enough to cause fat gain IF you’re training hard enough!


‘’Eating greens as a testosterone boosting food?’’ You are damn right! Well in a roundabout way. What really counts is our ‘free testosterone’ levels, not just testosterone. What is ’free testosterone?’ It is the difference between your testosterone and estrogen levels. So if you can suppress your estrogen levels you will have higher ‘’free testosterone’’ levels, leading to a higher rate of anabolism! You should also enjoy a decrease in body fat and water retention. Broccoli is enriched with an ingredient called I-3-C which is a very effective estrogen suppressant! In fact, it has been known to cut an average man’s estrogen count by 50%! Enough said? Get in broccoli with at least 3 of your meals everyday, the fibre will also do you good! If broccoli doesn’t do it for you then cabbage and sprouts have a similar effect as they are also full of I-3-C!


When you’re cooking up your steak or chicken be sure to drop in some garlic. The active ingredient within garlic is called Allicin. So what? Well, Allicin has the ability to not only stimulate testosterone synthesis but simultaneously suppress your Cortisol levels! What a beauty! For those who do not understand the reason for my excitement, Cortisol is like the Devil! It is a hormone which our body releases when under stress to ’keep us going’, however it also attacks our testosterone levels AND makes it almost impossible to burn body fat. This is why you need to add garlic, just remember the extra minty fresh gum for after otherwise your girl will blame me; I can do without the aggro!!! If you do forget, just point out that it is a better way to increase your testosterone levels than PLAYBOY magazine!!!


‘’Yuck’’ or ‘’yum’’ will be the instant reaction. Oysters are certainly a ‘Marmite’ food and I am certainly on the ‘’yuck’’ side of this fence. However, for those of you saying ‘’yum’’ oysters are very anabolic! They are probably the richest food in terms of Zinc, an extremely anabolic mineral which plays an absolutely essential role in testosterone synthesis! So if swallowing what I would describe as ‘’salty flem’’ floats your boat, fill your boots because oysters work!

By making these small but significant tweaks to your diet you should be able to take your body to the next level. This isn’t just relevant to muscle hungry ‘cubs’ it is also for the older ‘lions’ amongst us who, naturally with age, have a lower testosterone count! Testosterone does so much more than just promote muscle growth, it is essential for overall health in men! So, whether you are a ‘lion’ or ‘cub’ make these a priority on the shopping list!

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