4 Common Food Myths To Avoid!

As you follow FitMag you will automatically become more and more educated on nutrition. Nutrition is the name of the game and if you don’t believe us, just check out our interview with the world number ONE celebrity personal trainer, Zee ‘’Shredded Diesel’’. However, we just wanted to remind you of 4 very basic rules which many people make the mistake of forgetting.

‘’Protein is protein’’

Absolutely not! Each source of protein has a bioavailability score out of 1. Therefore if you have things like processed sausages, naff burgers, deli meats such as ham don’t fool yourself into thinking it is a quality food. Sure, you may be getting 30g of ‘’protein’’ but what is the bioavailability of it? It isn’t just the amount you get in; it also comes down to how well your body can assimilate the nutrients.

‘’Carbs are carbs’’

NOPE! Carbohydrates have a glycemic index which indicates how fast they digest within the body. The lower the better, with sub 50 being acceptably ‘’low’’. Brown pasta, brown rice, sweet potato and oats are your best options for clean carbohydrates which will take longer to digest. By choosing these types of carbohydrates you are allowing your body more time to make use of the nutrients opposed to shuttling sugar into the body and forcing it to be converted as fat!

‘’Fruit is healthy’’

Yes and no. yes, fruit contains healthy vitamins and antioxidants which are essential for overall health and recovery. However, most of them also contain sugar. Natural sugar or not, it is still bloody sugar! Having fruit such as pineapple with your breakfast is great because you get an insulin spike, but midday wouldn’t be good because your blood sugar levels will get messed up, causing you to store fat! Having a fruit lower in sugar such as a banana before a workout is also good because of the potassium and slow burning carbohydrates.

‘’You shouldn’t eat late at night, it makes you fat’’

No it doesn’t, eating the wrong foods during ANY time of the day makes you fat. It is just that your metabolism is at its slowest late at night therefore the problems are compounded. Eating a high protein snack with some essential fatty acids is fine and in fact it is encouraged. This will help stimulate the metabolism and more importantly feed the muscles throughout the night. Shoot for a casein based protein source such as low fat cottage cheese and a multi-blend timed release protein powder. Combining this with a healthy fat source such as almond butter will prolong the rate at which the nutrients are digested, suppressing the catabolic effects of your fast while you sleep!

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