3 Tips To Stay Motivated from Maija Kivela!

‘’You are not like a normal person, you are like a superwoman and that is why you look like that, I can never train or look like you.”  WRONG!!! Everyone can achieve the best shape of their life if they really want to! I am normally a person, who sometimes has a lack of motivation as well and who loves to eat sweets. However, when I have a goal I really want to get, my discipline is amazing! For me fitness and exercising is a passion but I know it isn’t for everyone! For some people going to the gym is a nightmare and that is why I, as a personal trainer want to encourage my clients and help them to get stronger which makes exercising more enjoyable and will boost their confidence. When you find exercising more fun, you will see quicker changes; you will push yourself harder and will experience a much higher intensity during your workouts.  Best results are achieved when you really enjoy what you are doing!

So how do you get motivated?

We need a goal!

Well, when I feel I am losing my motivation I ask myself why this is happening? Why I skip fun nights out with my friends because of fitness competition, why I tease myself with super strict nutrition and sometimes refuse dinners and why I spend all the time at the gym? And I know why, it is the GOAL I really want to achieve. In the end all the training and dieting is worth it! It gives me so much, and brings me closer to my dreams. When you set a goal it is easier to follow the plan and it is also motivating when you see yourself step by step getting closer to where you want to be.

We need a plan!

Without planning it is hard to hit the goal because you can’t follow your progress. You need to think how you want to look, when and how I will make it. Think about your weak parts and what is hardest for you, is it training, nutrition or maybe time management? After you find your weaknesses, try to find a solution to get over the barriers. Everything is possible with good planning. And when you have your long term plan you will concentrate your efforts on your weekly training plans. Also, keep a training log so you will see your progress during the weeks.


We need variation!

Your body needs variation to improve and your mind needs variation to keep the motivation. You need to change your programme every three to four weeks to make sure your body doesn't get bored and is able to develop better.  After a few hard training weeks, follow with a light week when you can have less training days. This gives you an opportunity to do something different so why not challenge your friend to an outdoor circuit, hill running or maybe a tennis game? Sometimes it is really good to do different kinds of sport when you are using different muscle fibres and improving all the different aspects of your fitness.

These tips help me boost my motivation and I hope this will help you as well. Sometimes it is really hard to keep dieting, training and working hard. Sometimes I am totally exhausted after a long day but when I decide something, I really want to do it!  So determination is the key!

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