3 Reasons to Have Goals!

One of the best sayings anyone has ever said goes something like this, ‘’if you do not know your goal any road will get you there.’’ Think about it, what is it telling you? You are at a junction; you do not know where the hell you want to go so it makes no difference which turning you take. However, if you need or want to get somewhere specific it is very important you take the right route! This is a very relevant topic for anyone who trains hard. Why do you drive to the gym, spending a lot of money and time on fuel, food, gym memberships and supplements? There has to be a reason for all of this otherwise it is surely a pointless effort on your behalf! Well, you would be surprised just how many people spend hours every week in the gym, with NO single goal other than to ‘lose weight’ or ‘bulk’ up perhaps. This is very vague with no timescale, no smaller goals and no way of measuring progression. In all, this will probably end up as a failure. Here are 3 reasons why you NEED to know where you are travelling to, and then we can help you map out the most effective route!


Would you drive on a 5 hour journey for the sake of it? No family, no friends, no meeting or no planned activity to look forward to once you reach the end of the journey. Of course you wouldn’t! The point is, if you hit the gym several times a week you will soon get sick of it if you don’t know why you are going. Do you want to be a fitness model in 5 years? Do you just want to have a 6 pack; do you want to lose 5 stone? Whatever it may or may not be, you have to have a goal in order to push on. If you don’t, you will be one of those guys who are always ‘’just getting back into it’’ or ‘’starting as of next Monday.’’ Does that sound like you? If so it is because you are not setting yourself some goals. It is equally important that you have short, medium and long term goals. Saying you want to look like Rob Riches is fine, but break it down. In the next 6 months I want to achieve this, then in 12 months this and so on!


There will be days when you can’t be arsed to go to the gym, prepare a meal or do your cardio. If there are no goals in place then it is very easy to justify not doing something you should, and it is also very hard to justify doing something you don’t feel like doing if you don’t know why. Whatever you are doing, make sure you can justify it with the goals you have set out to achieve!


When you reach that cherished goal, whatever it was, you can look back on your journey. From this you can learn a great deal about how certain training techniques worked for you, how different diets worked for you and what you enjoyed the most. If you have no goals in place then you will never achieve anything, therefore you find it very hard to learn! Making your goals measurable is absolutely essential in order to be a successful athlete!

There are three key reasons to always set goals. If you do not have any then get a pen and paper or click on ‘notes’ on your phone and get writing! Without goals we are simply like a leaf in the wind!

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