12 Week Transformation Q&A With Adam Gethin

During as well as after my 12 week transformation I received a lot of questions in regards to dieting, training and supplementation. Many questions were similar which led me to believe that I could potentially offer you some very valuable feedback. This is exactly why I have decided to do a Q&A with you guys, answering the top 10 most frequently asked questions which I received over the last couple of months. Without further delay, here are the answers to your questions!

If you started again, would you have chosen different supplements?

This is an awesome question because it is always nice to get honest and unbiased feedback from non-sponsored athletes. Looking back at my progress, the way I felt during the 12 weeks and my results I can honestly say every product worked as it should. For me, the standout products were MST Cre-O2, you probably got fed up of me ranting on about it but my strength was unreal on this stuff! PhD V-Max Pump was another incredible product, I enjoyed the best pumps and energy levels I have ever had from a pre-workout formula, yet I didn’t suffer from any ‘downs’ or sleepless nights. As you guys saw for yourself, my fat levels fell off and I really feel as though Anabolic Designs Shredabull did the business, and it energised me! Of course, Gaspari Intrapor and Myofusion were like treats to me due to the fact as we all know Gaspari products taste ludicrously good! To see my full stack follow the link below!


To get your very own stack head to www.monstersupplements.com


Did you feel Y3T training really works?

One word, YES! Over the years I have done HIT training, Volume training, DC training and FST-7 training but nothing comes close. Why? Simply because Y3T is the ONLY training system which incorporates the best of everything. One week you are lifting heavy with low repetitions. The next week you are going for higher volume with a wider variation of exercises. In the final week all hell breaks lose as you go for ultra high repetitions, forcing blood into the muscle and stretching the fascia! This is also the reason why I feel the detail in my lower came through the way it did because Y3T really focuses on total muscle contractions.

Fat loss is another thing Y3T helps with, not to mention better aerobic fitness and limiting injuries. All the way through my lower back was a big issue because I am carrying a long term injury so avoiding heavy lifting week in week out really helped for sure!

Did you miss any meals? If so, when and why?

NOPE! Not one and I can honestly promise you that! The reason I didn’t was because I couldn’t afford to. In 12 weeks you have to do everything possible to maximise your progress because 12 weeks really isn’t that long to transform yourself. Don’t think I was couched up all day like a pet hamster either, I was out and about which made it difficult. I went to BodyPower, I went to Temple Gym in Birmingham to train on a separate occasion, and I went to a wedding, family BBQs to mention a few so it was all about having my meals prepared and my days planned ready!

How much did it cost to diet?

Like most of you, I have a budget because unfortunately I’m not a millionaire just yet!!! On average I spent between £40-50 a week on my food. This is why I feel this particular transformation is so relevant to most of you because I am not paid thousands of pounds to promote a product, I am not genetically gifted and I have a normal life like everyone else really. In magazines you will read about a pros 9,000 calorie a day diet, but this isn’t relevant, realistic of affordable to most gym enthusiast. What I did was though!

Can I achieve the same results as you?

Are you kidding? Of course you can! Just don’t miss meals, get the right supplements in place and train HARD!

Did you miss any training sessions or cardio sessions?

No I didn’t. As you know, I filmed it all so you guys can be sure I missed nothing! With my cardio, it was a nightmare at the beginning getting into the habit because I don’t like it, I won’t lie! However, I knew this is the making or breaking of my time at Monster and thankfully I held it together.

Are you drug free?

Absolutely! Many people will have probably avoided this question because they feel awkward about it. I don’t because I don’t disagree with using banned performance enhancing substances, I just choose not to. Having said that, if you can realise your physical goals and remain drug free I feel you are enhancing your chances of being healthy long term which is what I am all about! This is another reason as to why I think this transformation works. Let’s cut the bull, so many mass monsters telling you what to do are aided by ‘extra supplements’ and more than this, crazy genetics!!!

What are your long term goals?

Anyone who knows me personally knows how passionate I am about this industry! In the next 5 years I would like to think I could be a well known name in the industry for helping everyday people achieve their goals and improve their health. Remaining as the Digital Editor of FitMag would be awesome, making it into the very best, number 1 online resource for anybody who wants to get in shape and get healthy!

I am also deeply interested in business, so in relation to this industry me being involved with a product line at some point in the future isn’t out of the question. However, I will only do something like this when I feel the products are the BEST in their field and they will genuinely help people. For me, I love helping people improve their health and physique because once upon a time I didn’t know how to do it and I was simply blessed to have someone who was there to help me.

What was it like working with Neil ‘Yoda’ Hill?

Neil is the man!!! I can sit here and tell you he knows his stuff like no one else, he pushes you really hard, he knows when to make changes, when to push, when to hold off but the truth is until you work with him you won’t get it! Neil is a gentleman, a family man and he cares about all his athletes and their families. When he does your diet he will workout what your partner likes and things like this to ensure your relationship remains fun even when dieting! To hammer the point home, in terms of knowledge the guy is just unbelievable! If you have the dough, hire him, the knowledge you will learn will far surpass the expenditure! Contact Neil at Yoda3training@yahoo.co.uk

What are you going to do now?

Add some muscle because next year you guys are going to do the best transformation you have ever seen!!! So for now we bid fair well to my abs! However, next year I feel the size gains I make will satisfy me enough to remain in condition all year round. I’m not far off my ‘ideal’ size and once I am there, I just want to keep that healthy ripped looked 24/7, 364 days a year! You gotta have Christmas day right?!

Thanks for all the support and questions guys! Please continue to ask your questions at adam.gethin@monstersupplements.com and I will endeavour to reply as fast as I can! On another note, I would like to thank Mark Bowering for giving me this awesome opportunity! Have a blessed day!

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  • Chris Paul (CTP FITFORUM)
    September 22, 2011 Chris Paul (CTP FITFORUM)

    Mate! Epic read - and easy to empathise with. Shamefully I didnt get the oppertunity to follow your blog frequently, but I will be having a Gethin day this weekend to catch up. Its easy to say mate, but your influencing and inspiring hundreds of people - so don't change, and remain true to yourself!

    Lift heavy my friend!

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