Where Is The Bulge?

Training wise myself and the Bulge have hit a bit of a stale point. I suppose its something that happens to everyone, when the gloss of a new routine has worn off and the excitement of getting back into things has died down all that you are left with is the sudden realisation that training routines can become mundane and familiar and that commitment is never a given. Once you get to this stage it isn't the exercise that become difficult, it’s the first step out of the door.

To keep you up to date with our training we're in the latter stages of our schedule. The challenge is to have the Bulge beach ready for Ibiza in a week. Time is fast running out. It seems that mine and the Bulges training are now running on parallel paths. The Bulge is still visiting the gym for fairly rudimentary chest, back or legs sessions, I’m now letting the gentle kiss of my soles on the pavements be my only form of exercise. He is still focusing on cardio with longer runs that eat further into the fat burning aerobic respiration, where muscles become more reliant on fat stores to fuel aerobic pathways. Let's call it 'trimming' rather than cutting. The science is simple, burn more energy than you eat and you will ultimately lose fat.

Obviously my only concern is how much the Bulge eats. It's not uncommon for the grapevine to divulge his double chicken shwarma for lunch or for me to see him with a pack of Smarties sticking out his back pocket when we meet on the weekend to go to the gym. He's tried to claim he enjoys the trivia from a Smarties pack, but no one eats chocolate to be asked what 'A' is the capital of Greece!!! (Athens, in case you were still unsure).

The Bulge has a couple of sayings, the first and most common of which is 'I’m not a chip man', and to be fair he isn't, always leaving a clean plate adorned with a mound of chips. So last week when he told me he had been on a 16 mile run I was excited, before I could congratulate him on it he also mentioned he stopped half way round for a shwarma!!! Smile you may but it did make a peculiar kind of sense; after all we're ultimately training for a 100 mile marathon in March 2012. Eating on the run is a particular requirement and something that up till now the Bulge (weirdly enough) has struggled to do. So it's become a regular occurrence for him now on his longer runs, the combination of dinner and the better half of a marathon, a glorified chicken pitta taking the place of a carrot on a proverbial stick.

If it works for him then I’m not going to try to change it, ultimately it will stand him in good stead for early next year, it's seems to be a great motivator, a sense of really earning your dinner. When I was flagging with training during the week the Bulge once told me 'it's lonely out there on the extra mile', another of his sayings. I'll leave you with this final thought, when the only person you're trying to be better than is the person you were yesterday, it's often best to avoid the crowds.... and the kebab shop.

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