The 'ABC Guide to Big Quads'!

Today we are going to expose to you the best ways to build a pair of stainless steel thighs via our ‘ABC Guide to Big Quads’! Generally speaking a lot of athletes will neglect leg training because it hurts like hell and your legs aren’t on show, your arms are though! However, building powerful thighs will improve your upper body strength and it will help maintain your overall balance!

The quadriceps muscle group is made up of four individual muscles called the Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis and the Vastus Intermedius. This muscle is undoubtedly the strongest within your body therefore you need to utilise this. If you push hard through your thigh workouts then you will burn a lot of calories, you will stimulate your anabolic hormones and you will also exercise your cardiac system due to the intensity. There is no reason you should skip thigh training when you consider all of the benefits it gives, as well as enabling you to build rock hard quads!

Here are a basic set of rules, Do’s and Don’ts which will help you get more from your leg training!

Do’s –

. Squat every week, WHY?

Squats are probably the most anabolic exercise known to man therefore it doesn’t just help you build a great set of thighs, it also promotes overall body muscle growth!

. Alter your stance each week on the leg press, WHY?

As stated above, your quads are made up of four different muscles. If you use the same stance every week on the leg press you are going to be hitting the same portion of your quads.

. Use higher repetitions for the most part with your thigh training, WHY?

A lot of professional bodybuilders have found by using slightly higher repetitions on a regular basis to their upper body and drastically more every few weeks gives them much better gains in their quads. This is partly due to the fact the volume of blood pumped into the muscle is huge, stretching the fascia and promoting higher rates of muscular hypertrophy.


Your knee joints take a lot of hammer in day to day life, loading the weight on them before warming them up sufficiently is asking for trouble. Aim to do at least 4 warm up sets before your first working set on thighs!

Don’ts –

. Squat bum to the floor, WHY?

Squatting deep is fine, but when you hear people say your backside needs to kiss the floor isn’t necessarily right. By squatting this deep the tension goes from the quads on to your knee joints more than anything else, this isn’t good for the knees or good for stimulating muscle growth!

. Lift too heavy, WHY?

On leg extensions, the leg press and even squats people like to go crazy heavy! It is good to go heavy but be mindful that you need to contract the muscles, not move the weight from A to B. Swinging your legs up on the extension machine doesn’t cut it and neither does stopping the weight on the negative of a squat with your lower back. Your thighs need to be doing all the work, not your joints and back!

. Whizz through your workout, WHY?

People will spend a solid hour mashing up their chest and arms, yet when they hit their quads 20 minutes is the general timescale! WHAT??? Look at your arms and then look at your quads. Which muscle group is naturally bigger? So your thighs need a good workout every week! If you don’t change your approach your arms may end being bigger which just looks daft!

There are a few rules to stick to when you train quads. Remember to really make them grow you need to TRAIN them, not tickle them and ‘rep out’! Below you will find a 3 week training cycle to maximise your quadriceps development.

Workout 1 –

4 X barbell squats 10-12 repetitions

4 X close stance leg press 10-12 repetitions

4 X seated leg extension 12-15 repetitions

Workout 2 –

3 X smith machine squats 14-18 repetitions

3 X wide stance leg press 14-18 repetitions

3 X dumbbell squats 10+ repetitions

3 X Hill squats 10+ repetitions per leg

Workout 3 –

Each superset X 2

Superset 1 –

Close stance leg press 30-40 repetitions

Wide stance leg press 30-40 repetitions

Superset 2 –

Smith machine squat 20-30 repetitions

Dumbbell squats 10-15 repetitions

Set 3 –

X 3 Triple drop set leg extensions 10-15 repetitions per drop


Those thigh workouts will be sure to pull apart your muscle fibres and force them to grow back bigger than before! The final workout will mentally challenge you because leg workouts do, especially ultra high repetition workouts like this! Until next time, enjoy!

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