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As our ‘ABC guide to big arms’ series gains momentum you should be feeling considerably more confident in your own ability to train correctly and to make your arms grow like never before! After all it is knowledge that counts and that is exactly what we have shared with you. However, as you know training is only half of the jigsaw, the other pieces come from nutrition and supplementation! Today we will discuss a diet and supplementation plan which will give you the best chances to build a pair of ‘swole’ arms!

Of course, you are not eating a certain diet specifically just to make your arms grow; it will hit all areas of your body. However, you are going to need to eat right in order to build a ballistic pair of arms so take down some notes and hit the supermarkets, oh and remember your credit card you will need it!

This diet must consist of enough protein to allow your body to recover AND build new muscle tissue. It must also contain enough calories in the form of carbohydrates in order to prevent muscle break down, promote anabolism and to provide you with enough energy to work your way through those killer workouts we gave you! Fats are also important because your joints need protection from this kick arse training you are doing. Here goes!

(This is based on an average 200lb male bodybuilder)

Breakfast – 60g oats, ½ banana, 2 chopped strawberries, and 2 scoops chocolate PhD Whey HT+

2 caps of Udo’s Choice

Mid Morning – 3 220g white fish, 300g sweet potato, 50g broccoli, 1 sliced tomato and 2 sliced mushrooms

Lunch – ½ sachet brown microwavable rice, 200g chicken breast, 50g broccoli and ½ can tinned tomatoes

2 caps of Udo’s Choice

Mid Afternoon – 3 slices brown toast, 2 whole eggs & 6 egg whites scrambled and 100g pineapple

Pre-workout – PhD V-Max Pump & MST Cre-O2

Post-workout – CNP Pro-Recover and 1 kiwi fruit

Supper – 250g lean minced beef (drained of fat), 200g baked potato and mixed salad

Before bed – 2 scoops of Gaspari Myofusion, 1 table spoon of crunchy peanut butter and 100g low fat cottage cheese

Snack on PhD Growth Factor 50 bars between meals to get extra protein and carbohydrates into your system to help with packing on size, especially your arms!!!

This diet takes you way over the 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight and closer to 2g which I think is worth doing during your quest to add at least an inch to your arms! Occasionally I will do this to shock the body and force my muscles to grow! At 20 I had 16’’ arms and I was desperate to make them bigger so I did something similar to this and now they measure 17.5’’ when I am very lean and cold. Pumped these babies are a smidge over 18’’ if I train biceps and triceps together!!!

Back to the point of this article, the supplement stack included within the diet is so important! By Christmas I am going to have 18’’ arms cold and the two key supplements I will be using to ensure this happens is MST Cre-O2 and PhD V-Max Pump! MST Cre-O2 will ensure my strength and muscle endurance levels remain at their peak which will enable me to push my biceps and triceps beyond their usual limit every week without fail! The same can be said for PhD V-Max Pump and this will also help pump a higher volume of blood into my arms. Why is this so important? Well because I am very egotistical and I love to look HUGE! Sorry, the real reason is that the extra blood being forced into my arms should help stretch out the fascia. As this happens there will be more room for new muscle tissue to develop. To get the full supplement stack off I listed in this diet just follow the relevant links below and they will be with you tomorrow!!!


PhD V -Max Pump


PhD Whey HT+

Gaspari Myofusion

MST Cre-O2



Udo's Choice


OK guys that concludes the ‘ABC guide to big arms’ and I really hope you have found many useful tips along the way. What you now need to do is put this plan into action and post your results on our FitForum and send in articles listing your results for FitMag! Good luck!

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