Supplements - 5 Reasons They Won't Work!

Getting your supplements to perform and transform is so important to both you and us. Every order you receive should take you closer to your overall goal and if it doesn’t then you are not going to be happy and neither will we. More often than not there are several reasons as to why somebody isn’t getting any results with their supplementation plan. The good news is nearly all of these reasons are easily changed your end, so read up and see if any of these points sound familiar!

Correct application

When you get a new phone, a new computer or something else which requires instructions you tend to listen to them. Of course you would, there is no logical explanation as to why you would ignore the advice of the company who designed and manufactured the product. Well, the same can be said for the supplement industry. If a brand advises you to take a supplement before breakfast and before your evening meal, DO IT! Don’t just ‘chuck them down’ whenever you fancy and think that is job done. Taking the supplement is only part of the battle, taking it at the right time so it can affect your body at the right time is just as important and if you don’t the chances are the results won’t be as good as you had hoped!

Water Intake

Water plays such a huge role within the body in general, and it is no different with supplements. In order for the ingredients within your supplements to have maximum effect on your body you need to ensure you are taking in at least 4 litres of clear drinking water. WHY? Water helps transport the ingredients to different areas of the body where they can get to work, SIMPLES!

Choose wisely

When I look at a supplement stack some people use I often wonder what they are trying to achieve! For example, they may have a fat burner but they will also have a mass gainer. The point is, how can a fat burner work effectively if your other supplements are geared towards giving you a large calorie surplus? Make sure when you choose your supplement stack each product compliments one another. Team Monster are able to offer a lot of advice on this and you will also find a lot of information on FitMag on this very topic.


Like the above point I am often asked in the gyms I train at if such and such a product is all it is cracked up to  be. I always say not to bother unless your diet is on track and I will always stick by that. The name ‘supplement’ indicates exactly what these products are, an addition to a good diet. Don’t blame supplements for your lack of progress if your diet isn’t up to scratch. Even if you think your diet is good try looking at our basic diet tips to ensure it really is through the link below. This way you are much more likely to make the progress you desire!


You probably take time out on the computer to spare yourself of your parent’s lectures, I know I used to! However, if they are going on to you about alcohol then I am right behind them. If you are on this site you obviously have a certain degree of interest in improving your shape. Alcohol doesn’t just promote fat gain it will also potentially mess up the impact your supplements can have on you. When we drink alcohol our body goes into a zone where all it cares about is getting the poison out of its system. Therefore the rules change, the way certain ingredients affect our body change the ability of our body to utilise ingredients change as well. So if you find yourself gazing at the wall thinking ‘’why are these supplements not working’’ take a look at your bar tab and see whether or not this could be the reason. If it is not the stuff on the head, trust me you will be glad you did in 5 years’ time!

Those are 5 of the most common reasons I come across which potentially decrease the chances of success with your supplementation plan. Don’t make excuses and blame the supplements, more often than not the blame does in fact lie with the user. Don’t fret this isn’t a shot at you, this is a helping hand to show you that just perhaps there is something you can do to get more from your stack!

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