Sian Toal - Super Client Loses 15% Body Fat!

I chose Keith to feature in this transformation story because he represents a large section of the population who want to improve and change their body and health. It's not about competing, or appearing on the cover of a magazine, but about improving your life. Keith turned 50 this year and refuses to slow down at any point! He is a great advocate for turning your life around and being an inspiration for every person out there with a dream to change. You don't need to be a celebrity or a fitness model to be fit, healthy and happy. Just have the goal, determination and want to do it.

Keith began training with me when his previous trainer left the gym. He had already done incredibly well with introducing regular training, changing his diet and he was loving the results. His first push into training was a threat from the doctor of the possibility relying on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol for the rest of his life. He now can't imagine a life without exercise.

Over the past year, Keith and I have worked on improving his technique for weight training and ironing out bad habits. Keith wanted to increase his muscle mass and continue to reduce body fat, particularly around his waist. Therefore good form and technique is essential to taking him on to the next level. My experience of weight training helped him correct many things, he also knows I'm a stickler for things done right; as a result he now has one of the best deadlifts out of all my clients!

He has come on leaps and bounds, embracing every new challenge. As a result he is gaining muscle and the waistline is coming down. With his fat loss he now keeps saying he should send me the bill for new trousers!!

For him to progress I have asked many things of Keith and he always steps up to the mark. Diet changes that break long term habits and training changes in ways that he would at first be wary of. He uses PhD supplements from and absolutely loves it! He sees me twice a week and follows a programme for other sessions on his own. His commitment is infallible. 

Recently we have been dealing with a knee problem but have worked with it and around it, adapting where needed. Despite it dampening his spirits a little he had never made any excuses or missed a session.

Here's what Keith has to say:

 ''The training I do with Sian keeps me focussed and motivated and I always look forward to our next PT session. The programme allows me to monitor my progress every week as I am always aiming to improve-even when I have a bad day at the gym. Sian is always very supportive and inspiring in this area. If you need to change your lifestyle for health- train with a PT! It keeps you focused, motivated and inspired. You'll feel great, healthy and alive. Oh and it's great fun too! I also love the PhD range of supplements and I couldn’t have got to where I am without them, they have been a true God send!"

Start Weight 71kg

 Start BF% 25%

Current weight 67kg

Current body fat 10%

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