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With such a vast market of supplements, it is nice to know you are picking the correct supplements for your own personal needs. Today I wanted to focus on a market leading whey protein supplement, Reflex Instant Whey. Over the past few years Reflex Nutrition have developed a great range of products, and Reflex Instant Whey is perhaps their most popular product on the market today. Now I am going to explain exactly why it is so popular.Reflex Nutrition go out of their way to test every single batch of Instant Whey to prove that it is 80% protein, with the majority of that being whey protein isolate, which is arguably the highest quality form of protein, along with egg protein. This makes Instant Whey a great choice for breakfast time as well as post-workout, due to its ability to digest very quickly. As you will notice, Instant Whey contains a Whey Protein Hydrolsate which is enriched with ‘smaller’ amino acids and peptides. As a result, as I mentioned earlier, the rate of digestion is enhanced dramatically making this an extremely fast acting protein source!  Per 100g you get an astonishingly high 80g of protein, therefore you can be sure Instant Whey will be able to deliver what you need!

Instant Whey also contains what Reflex Nutrition describe as a ‘Peptide Bonded Glutamine’ which is most certainly not to be confused with standard L-Glutamine. For sure, supplementing L-Glutamine is a great idea, but when it is ingested with whey protein isolate it can be difficult for your body to assimilate regular L-Glutamine, as it is not a very stable amino acid. Therefore Reflex Nutrition have taken this into account and added an exclusive L-Glutamine component to Instant Whey, to ensure the consumer gets the most out of it!

Finally, Instant Whey contains a range of Pro-biotic and Digestive Enzymes which are hugely beneficial to any athlete. The specially formulated ‘Digezyme’ enzymes have shown through extensive studies to significantly enhance the assimilation of protein. This is key to any athlete because it is vital your body is able to utilise the protein you are feeding it, otherwise it is simply wasted! The pro-biotic component of Instant Whey is also very desirable because it supports the health of your gut. It is so important to pay special attention to your overall health when eating high amounts of nutrients, in particular protein, because it can place added stress on to your digestive system!

There are the key factors, describing exactly why Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey is the best selling Whey protein product on the market! It is also known for the many delicious flavours it comes in, with a vast range to satisfy just about everybody’s taste buds! To conclude, from studies and experience of the product I would have to concede this is as good as anything on the market, and a lot better than most. The fact that Reflex Nutrition will test every batch done to prove the quality of this product proves to me, their commitment to you as the consumer! I would have no concerns recommending this product!

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